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Aplus Certified: I’m Her Type Ft Major James – A Prime Cut!

CE-JAY  and ALIYY SPIT  have been making music together since the age of 10. The duo who go by the name of Aplus Certified, hail from Altadena, California and have opened for numerous acts as well as been doing the rounds on the underground charts and top indie websites.

Aplus Certified have just dropped their latest single, I’m Her Type Ft Major James. First off, this is a great production. CE-JAY and his partner in rhyme ALIYY SPIT have real tight flows, while the beat is crisp with banging bump to it. These boys do it right!

The beat is a deep-fried groove, with some smooth joints. You’ll love the way these two flow and complement each other. While the hook melody is straight down catchy.

Aplus Certified is slowly scaling to the top of the vicious hip-hop scene in the Southern United States, creating a distinctive hybrid style in the process. On I’m Her Type, the duo doesn’t infuse their music with the deep funk of the Cali scene, nor do they revel in the buoyant Miami bass sound. Instead they take a more stripped-down approach, which is all the better to hear their verbal celebration of women. And they come up with an engaging way to ‘celebrate’ – the sound of their music is vibrant and direct, bringing you right into the thick of things. It is extremely entertaining.

After many spins, it’s easy to see why I’m Her Type Ft Major James is a hypnotic track. Aplus Certified trade off and flow like syrup. They know how to be either soulful and calm, or upbeat and downright gritty. They are so skilled in creating lyrical landscapes and the production is so tight that you can play this on your Grandmother’s old clock radio and it’s still going make you sit up and listen!

This track is hitting like a heavyweight boxing extravaganza and deserves a purchase from any folks looking for some no holds barred, groovy rap and just noteworthy music.

If you need a mood-enhancing drug, I’m Her Type by Aplus Certified Ft Major James is a prime cut!

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