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Akon Baker: “We Won’t Go” – an addictive club anthem!

Akon Baker aka The Cop, is a Swedish Hip hop, RnB and Pop artist based out of Stockholm. Akon dropped his latest single, “We Won’t Go” at the beginning of January 2015. His 2013 single, “Live It Up” collected over 1 million views on Youtube. I really think Akon Baker’s music has been improving every year from when he made “Shawty’s Got” to making “Shawty’s Mine”, “Move Ya Body”, “Someone Like You” and “Live It Up”.

akon-baker-300If there’s one thing you could say about Akon, it’s that he keeps trying harder on each new release. This new single is definitely banging. His R&B style is pop-orientated and not laced with romantic croons, instead Akon stays more upbeat and connected to the dance-floor, singing about girls, cars, and parties!

All Akon Baker songs are great, and all are very listenable and danceable, but “We Won’t Go” is definitely the standout track of the pack, being a real club sounding anthem.  He has figured out the mainstream dance-banger formula, and he executes it well on this track.

If you are looking for some good songs with some solid beats and great production then you should be very pleased with Akon’s efforts. Furthermore he takes the trouble to associate his songs with some really prime quality and very cool videos, which are way above the usual scrappy indie artist standard.

“We Won’t Go” makes ample use of the trendy vocoder effect, while the melody and grooves Akon comes up with are as addictive as ever.

Looking back on Akon Baker’s catalog, it becomes clear that he makes music primarily enjoyed in the clubs and at parties; however he has been able to create a certain substance in his style that has brought him many, many viewers on Youtube.

The production quality on his songs is certainly top notch as he continues to push the limits on his own craft. Every Akon Baker track is worth listening to, if not putting on repeat a few times. “We Won’t Go” is no exception. I recommend this to anyone who likes to dance, sing and generally have a good, uplifting time with their music!



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