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A Love Like Pi: “Wide Awake” – textured electronic-rock that truly captivates and entrances the senses

A Love Like Pi, based in NYC, like their name, mixes the abstract with the indelible, continuing to treat each track as a piece of their ongoing, album-spanning narrative. This trio of Lief, Krier and Chez, marry electronic music with rock, pop and ambient influences so perfectly, in a way that’s absolutely lovely to listen to. The lyrics have so much meaning, more than perhaps your regular pop song, and their latest track, “Wide Awake”, is really quite emotional and exotic, having also Far Eastern sounds and timbres embedded in its rhythms.

I am obsessed with lead singer, Lief’s, voice, and look forward to hearing so much more from this band after this release. Lief’s voice blends the gentle and crystal clear range and harmony of the legendary Paul Simon with the urban edginess of The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue, and the result is nothing less than mesmerizing. Mixed with A Love Like Pi’s warm and layered electronic soundscapes, “Wide Awake” becomes almost hypnotizing to the auditory senses.

A-LOVE-LIKE-PI-680This isn’t one of those pounding, aggressive electronic tracks that directly attack your ears, but rather a more refined, flowing song looking for an alternative way into your soul system. Though “Wide Awake” immediately attracts your attention, ‘catchy’ is far too pop-oriented a word to describe why this happens. The song just strikes a chord with the listener, probably due to its exquisite poignancy, both musically and lyrically. A Love Like Pi don’t drag you into their world, they invite you in, by sonically tantalizing you!

While I thoroughly enjoyed their previous album release, “Jack and the Giant” and how it established their superbly polished sound, “Wide Awake” and to the same extent, the other track I listened to, “How Low,” delivers a delicately understated, more mood-inducing and textured electronic-rock sound that truly captivates and entrances the senses. If this is the direction for any new upcoming album, then I predict great things for A Love Like Pi!


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