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2TALLIN: “Murdering Heart” ft. Travis Miller – Another Terrific Single Release!

I’ve been following 2TALLIN’s music  for quite a few releases now and I gradually have been  noticing that is becoming better and better, and this latest single, “Murdering Heart” does nothing more than affirm all of my notions.

This is perhaps the catchiest project that 2TALLIN has released. It takes the listener on such a journey between ‘light’ and ‘dark’ in love journey that I don’t have an adequate amount of adjectives to truly express just how well-conceived this entire piece of work is.

The single has fantastic production and a cool video to support it too. The track captivates the listener and the beat is pitted perfectly against the lyrics and vocal hooks to evoke emotions and convey messages. “Murdering Heart” shows us a more mature, crafted lyricist playing around with themes of the heart and interpersonal relationships.

I was once again impressed with the lyrics that 2TALLIN was able to conjure up. Multisyllabic rhyming and poetic wordplay has always been talents, evident on all of his tracks. And he just carries on the legacy here. The real surprise for me was from Travis Miller, whose vocal hooks play off just brilliantly against 2TALLIN’s rap.

In fact Travis Miller is a great feature to the single with his guest appearance. Regardless of your personal feelings pertaining to 2TALLIN’s music, when you look at the sound and lineup he gathered on this project, it’s hard to doubt his talent.

2TALLIN’s style and image is completely different and we haven’t quite someone else like him yet in hip hop and rap currently. Besides, 2TALLIN knows how to work at what he’s good at and has a great ear for beats and choosing his collaborators.

All in all, “Murdering Heart” is a terrific single that is charting a talented young man’s rise in the rap industry. It has prolific lyrics, smooth production, a shining guest in the form of Travis Miller and real catchy tones.


2TALLIN’ was started by Travis Huff after discovering his passion for producing and performing music that was different. “My goal was to take it back to my old school roots but with futuristic new school vibes,” he says. “The end result is music that pushes all genres of pop, hip-hop/rap, rock. Why 2TALLIN’? The name was developed from my unmistakable height, 6’8”. People always are saying you’re so tall? Do you play in the NBA? So therefore, 2TALLIN’ captures my most recognizable asset. My on-going goal is to take money profited from our music and give it directly back to empower future generations of musicians with instruments, recording time, songwriting, and promoting their music.”

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