United Devoted Comrades: “Skating” Manages To Breathe Life Into The Body of Hip-Hop Once More

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United Devoted Comrades are a group of individuals who have been ‘united’ to form a household name. Airic Knight, the founder of this music group started UDC back in high school. He later teamed up with Keith Brooks aka Bombz, who became the other half of UDC. During one of their last performances in Orange County, UDC saw Lady Ju grace the stage and right of the bat wanted to do a collaboration track with the female hip hop/guitar playing artist. Yet when it came time to collaboration, Airic Knight and Bombz decided to each start their own solo careers.

Initially planning to go solo, Airic Knight saw the spark in Lady Ju and asked her to be part of his group. With no hesitation, Lady Ju agreed and the rest is history. Now Airic Knight produces their music, raps and sings, while Lady Ju continues to hone her guitar skills and expand the duo’s musical horizons. Their single, “Skating,” which is available on iTunes is also to be released on their upcoming album.

At a time when most artists run the risk of sounding the same over and over again, United Devoted Comrades prove to the world that Hip Hop is what you make of it, infusing their own things and creating something new. Like many, I was unprepared for this single, but I totally loved it. It takes a lot of confidence in one’s ability to go out and produce something different, yet pull it off with aplomb, and show the world that Airic Knight and Lady Ju are indeed multi-talented.

As to be expected in an ambitious rap project, Airic Knight fulfills his duties, delivering fast-paced rhymes as rapid-fire as a machine gun. His beats have electronic/acoustic sounds to them. Right from his energetic raps in “Skating”, Airic lets you know he’s serious about making an incredible hip-hop song, and all the way through he never seems to run out of steam. His skills stand tall all and if you check out the other available UDC tracks, you’ll discover that Airic has a delectable singing voice to match.

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Together with the undeniable rapping, singing and playing talents of Lady Ju, United Devoted Comrades, manage to breathe life into the body of hip-hop once more. This duo is too smart, talented and original to be ignored. Even if you hate rap, you will love their sound. Hardly ever have I heard any rap artist tackle songs like Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ and Coldplay’s Trouble, with such creative honesty and integrity. The fact that I read somewhere that Airic also has a known respect for John Mayer (who I absolutely adore) was all I needed to totally adopt UDC into my music collection.

Over and above the catchy “Skating” single, the most endearing thing about this duo is that they are different to your normal run-of-mill hiphop artists. United Devoted Comrades know what’s good and no matter what the source (rock, pop, blues, R&B, anything) they’ll put it into music. And that to me is the sign… and the sound, of mind over matter!



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