THE OMEGA MOO Have Come To Wreck This Town!

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The Omega Moo 3-track EP is a pure TNT bomb of rock n’ roll and punk power riffs, aggressive vocals, sheer speed and tight rhythms. All wrapped up in abundant intellectual, chaotic, punk-ish and dark nihilistic rock overtones.

The band is made up of Adam and Ian who have known each other since their respective high school bands. Adam wailed on his guitar bringing the local punk scene down around his knees, while Ian spent his time skanking and tickling the ivory’s during the late 90′s ska revival. The other two members are Jack and Ryan who began laying down the tight rhythms together early in the new millennium. After working with a few projects that lacked the rock awesomeness they desired, the duo set out into the deep trenches of the Seattle music scene to find the ever elusive melody that would give meaning to their explosive groove.

The four would meet on a rainy Seattle night where the seductive allure of the Omega Moo’s sweet riffs, crunchy guitar and swirling keyboards entranced the rhythmic monsters and after a series of dark rituals the band currently know as The Omega Moo was born.

The Omega Moo

From the second you press play on their 3-track Ep, the band let’s rip with “Wreck This Town,” and show no intention of letting up on the intensity, throughout. The trio of tracks, which include “Moovolution,” and “Kung Fu” plow through the listener in barely more than 8 minutes total!

Overall, the band’s guitar and keyboard attack is breathtakingly ferocious, with Adam Attax’s electric six-string and Ian Meek’s keys, finding the perfect, albeit unique sound mix for this genre. Ryan VanderVegt on bass holds down some well-crafted bombastic lines, while the drumming is nothing short of rock solid, due to drummer Jack Love and his astounding chops. Nothing sounds overdone, with fills in all the right places and breakneck tempos abounding.

The Omega Moo make just utterly great, hard-edged punk rocker music, with a slight dash of melody that anyone could love. It’s a shame that radio has long since abandoned this genre of kick-ass music.

There is no doubt however, that pop-chart status are not what these guys are striving for. Just listen to the lyrics and you’ll realize that there’s more going on in their heads than getting laid and making money.

Raucous punk rock bands like this are hard to come by nowadays. This is what your Blink 182s, your Sum 41s, your New Found Glories or your Green Days would have sounded like if they never got screwed up by mainstream radio temptation.

I highly recommend them.




THE OMEGA MOO Have Come To Wreck This Town!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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