Ten Ton Hammer “Push” The Boundaries of Metal!

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Texas band Ten Ton Hammer delivers an astounding thrash metal assault with their latest releases. The five member unit of Jefe’ – Vocals, Crash – Guitar, Jamz – Guitar, Kornflake – Drums and Gaberator – Bass, unveil their most aggressive morsel to date while shattering the boundaries of traditional metal expectations.

The opening track on their website, “Push”, sets the pace for Ten Ton Hammer’s sound and kicks things off perfectly, introducing you to the band’s in-your-face brand of heavy metal, while “Worthless” and “Denied” have stand-out anthemic qualities. Then you get to a real shredding scorcher such as the machine gun totting, Judas Priest-on-steroids track, “The Offering Of Ascent”.

Musically, my favorite track in the collection here, has to be the mega-epic thrasher “March Of The Dead”. This doom-gloom instrumental is done incredibly well and easily compares to the best from Metallica, Pantera and Slayer.

Ten Ton Hammer seem focused and confident in its own sound. Their songs are balanced, perfectly mixing the right amount of melody with pure brutality. True masterpieces are exceptionally rare in the metal genre nowadays, but this band happens to be working towards that goal with insistent propulsion.

In fact Ten Ton Hammer’s collection of songs are flat-out the most intense metal I’ve heard in a while. With fast drumming, thunderous riffs, and Jefé’s aggressive growling, TTH is heavy, but in an intelligent way, as the band also has a sense of melody and atmosphere.

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The are many influences evident here but TTH truly came up with their own brand of death and destruction, especially on tracks like “Push” and “Prefabricated Reality”. The songs are full of bone-crunching, inspired and all around great riffs and leads, that are so damn aggressive and rhythmic you’ll be forced to like it. TTH also do not exhaust their song formula or structure and play around with speed changes for effective variation.

I’ll get to the point here, Ten Ton Hammer rock the halls of metal. Their songs are heavy duty, ass-rumbling masses of pure metal awesomeness. It just doesn’t get any better then this in the loud genre of metal.

TTH know how to really rock the house with their insane riffs, rhythms and extreme vocals. They destroy many of those whiny new metal bands out there right now. If you want true metal mania, TTH is there for you. They don’t add cheap sound effects and synths, that soften up the sounds. Their music is true landmark metal. It never stops kicking’ out its heavy duty, thunderous, earth shattering riffs until you drop down dead-beat.

TTH makes the genre of metal shine brighter then just about every other indie metal band in circulation right now. If you want great metal, whether it’s Death or Thrash, you want Ten Ton Hammer, and if you want to start with a phenomenal song, start with the epic “The Offering Of Ascent”. You won’t be disappointed!

Metal Band - Ten Ton Hammer

Metal Band – Ten Ton Hammer








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Ten Ton Hammer "Push" The Boundaries of Metal!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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