STEP DADDY: “Love” A Rock Revolution In Evolution

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Step Daddy have been active since 2009, and sees the collaboration of 4 Seattle veterans, each having more than 10 years experience in the Seattle music scene. Individually they have played in such acts as the Kindness Kind, Ben’s Jazz Kit, Kate Tucker and Pawn Council.
They have already written more than 25 songs and on the eve of their first official release, are already planning the tracking of their second album.
This high energy, four piece Progressive Post-Alternative Apocalyptic Funk Metal band based out of Seattle hits listeners with syncopated drum grooves inspired by the likes of Bonham, Weckl, Vinnie Paul, Danny Carey, and Matt Cameron. The brooding bass lines provide intelligent, yet infectious grooves. Lead vocalist Kit van der Jagt, completes the sound with melodic vocal lines and an aggressive approach.

Seattle rockers STEP DADDY

Someone once confessed their envy of Jimmy Page because he’d written all the good guitar riffs, leaving nothing for anybody else. Well, much like Rage Against The Machine, Step Daddy seem to have stumbled on some of Jimmy’s secret stash of leftovers.
Ben Reese coaxes an array of devasting sounds from his axe. Each riff is a colossus of intensity and groove, while still being surprisingly simple and catchy. Forming a rock solid foundation for the songs, and easily allowing the rest of the band to fall into lockstep formation when needed, but also granting ample room for variation. Each song is made up of an ample variety of guitar riffs and hooks, handpicked to create epic agitated rock tunes.
Bassist Brian Opalewski gets several moments to shine as well. He slaps, runs and pops the addictive gauntlet on each track, just holding back enough, before the heavens cave in.
Drummer Paul Turner combines the skin-pounding intensity of Dave Grohl, with the hardcore speed of Faith No More’s Mike Bordin. He sprightly rides the high-hat in one verse, crashes the cymbals in the next, and then shimmers through with a snare and tom roll.
Frontman Kit van der Jagt vocal deliveries growl out passion and verve, backed by music that is fierce and in your face.
A phenomenally powerful, aggressive, and thought provoking debut, “Love” contains 11 incendiary tracks – including two live recordings –  that will burn into your subconscious awareness. Among them are absolute highlights like: “Scurvy,” “My Hunger’s Lament,” “Brain de Homage,” “Cuntry Gravy” and “Atlas at Last.” 
From front to back, “Love” by Step Daddy, is filled with creative riffs, compelling lyrics and vocals, and a rhythm section that gives the music a lot of its character.
This album has all that you could want in a rock band. No boundaries, no borders, no limitations; just a healthy dose of lyrical and musical mayhem. A rock revolution in evolution…
Members/Instruments:Brian Opalewski (bass), Kit van der Jagt (Guitar/vocals), Ben Reece (Guitar), Paul Turner (Drums)
Production: Mixed by Nelson and Field Audio, mastered by Rick Fisher at RFI Mastering, Seattle.

STEP DADDY have their debut album, “LOVE,” out now!


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STEP DADDY: "Love" A Rock Revolution In Evolution, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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