Nerio and Linde Sagen: Electronic Dance Music with Strong Melodies

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Swedish Producer – Composer – Dj  and A&R Label Manager, Nerio aka Jocke Ekberg, has been making all kinds of music and is involved in various projects. One of these is his fruitful collaboration with Norwegian singer-songwriter, Linde Sagen. They met on Soundcloud and have put their respective talents together in completing 3 electro-dance-pop singles.

If you are a fan of David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia or just high quality electro / House/ Dance music in general then these songs are for you. “Always”, “Air” and “Adore” are both radio and dance friendly and virtual no-brainers, ready to be future hits!

Dj Nerio is an electro-music genius who is able to turn a simple track into a dance masterpiece; once again proving, that the Swedes have that special flair and touch, when it comes to dance music. Linde Sagen on the other hand is amazing at executing the beautiful melodies that decorate Nerio’s intense beats and breaks.

Ultimately the beauty and efficiency within these tracks can all be found in the simplicity. The beats, the mix, the vocals; they’re all clean, spacious and crystal clear. Dj Nerio doesn’t fall into the habitual electro-music trap of over-producing or flogging the synth and digital effects to death. Take “Always”, it’s groovy and smooth because the song structure is simple and never self-indulgent, with a superb vocal delivery to match.

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Of the three tracks, I particularly like “Air”, with its slow hypnotic beat and grinding guitar courtesy of Jesper Rönn. Dj Nerio shows on this track that he has the courage in pushing the electro-music envelope just a little further. Originality, quality, creativity and innovation is what you’ll find in any of the Nerio-Sagen collaborations.

Nerio stands out from the crowd and it shows. I checked his Soundcloud catalog and he does some great mixes and keeps the vibe going all the way through with some solid House productions. I also love the vocalists he uses on his collaborations.

I have a critical ear for melody, and not once did I find myself wanting to skip forward just 30 seconds to get past any repetition, or skip over filler tracks you so often find between the few really good tracks on most dance collections.

Not only did my ear like it, but Dj Nerio has such good strong dance tracks too that I just couldn’t help moving to the beat. I’m not a dancer but this stuff sure gets the blood flowing, the foot stomping and the head bopping. If you love electronic dance music with strong melodies and great female vocals, you can’t possibly miss out on tracks like “Always” , “Air” and “Adore”. This is some of Dj Nerio’s best work!






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Nerio and Linde Sagen: Electronic Dance Music with Strong Melodies, 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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