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    GH2 Entertainment

    Hello Rick Jamm, we at GH2 Entertainment wanted to take the time to thank you for the review on the artist Kulateral. He is truly the magic behind the music of GH2 Entertainment and we are ecstatic that he received a 5 out of 5 star rating review from you! We look forward to big things coming from Kulateral in the near future. He will be one to reckon with! We work hard at making our music “Triple A Certified”, meaning that we focus on the art, the artist and the audience to ensure that our product is A One! We feel that our music is primed and ready for prime time radio and we are working hard at getting Kulateral’s best work to date in a position to be heard by the masses! Look out for his upcoming album Kulateral Damage set for release in Spring of 2014. We believe in Kulateral and our product and thank you for helping us in our quest to bring great quality R&B and Hip Hop music to everyone. We thank you again for your support and all of the kind and generous words.

    The GH2 Entertainment Family


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