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Jamie Coon: ‘Day After Day’ -Evocative Craftsmanship by an Excellent Songwriter and Performer

Native American Singer/Songwriter Jamie Coon sings soulful pop with a passionate vocal delivery that ranges from angelic to anthemic. Her music has been described as Soul-Pop and while that is accurate, there’s more to it than that. There’s a timeless quality to her music that comes from a simple recipe of well-crafted, melodic songs performed with feeling & superb musicianship.

Day After Day is not just the title of her second full-length album, but also the theme. “My songs are really just about things most of us go through in our journey through life,” says Jamie, “Simple human things like love, loss, joy and heartache.”

Each of the albums ten songs has its own distinct flavor. “It’s all the stuff I grew up listening to, from Otis Redding to Aretha Franklin, Elton John & the Beatles” says Jamie.

Jamie Coon is the real deal. Unlike most young singers today, she’s got actual musical talent. Her songs are lyrical and catchy. They have a way of getting under your skin. And she performs them perfectly. No flashy costumes and nothing to distract you from the music, Jamie doesn’t need any of that. She can sing. She can write songs.

Her voice has passion, depth, and great emotion, while the music is natural and from the heart.

The album itself is a masterpiece really, good gutsy singer-songwriter, pop, soul and alt-rock. Ten cool songs, varying in tempo and mood, from all-out rockers  like the album opener, “Forgive Me” to introspective, soulful, atmospheric ballads like the album closer, “If You’re Happy”.

Jamie’s voice exudes that cool, tantalizing intimacy that comes with great confidence in one’s singing ability. Her songs are a meaningful meld of feeling-filled lyrics and acoustic-filled undercurrents that pulled me right in. “Well”, “Back To You”, “All I Need” and “I’ll Be There” (with its scintillating brass and organ interludes), as well as “Falling Apart” and “Day after Day” had me totally convinced. Her voice, her presence, her songs, and her performances were nothing short of mesmerizing.

I have to say, I am rather picky with my music, as I hear loads of CDs per day, but this girl is amazing. Fresh, eclectic, unique, with a warm and controlled tone. Jamie packs her musical creations with great lyrics, emotive chord progressions, and stylish harmonies as well.

Jamie Coon is a genuine talent. And Day After Day is full of interesting and beautiful songs. Jamie’s lyrics have real poetry and sophistication; they stand in stark contrast to the shallow lyrics so common on many pop albums these days. Day After Day will grow on you, as you listen and bask in the evocative craftsmanship displayed by an excellent songwriter and performer.

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