Greenhouse: “The Last Shred of Night” Specialists in Transcendental Soundscapes

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Greenhouse and formed in Denton, TX during 2009, while its members attended the University of North Texas. They started playing music together to entertain guests at a friend’s party and have stuck together ever since, playing many venues in the DFW area. The duo released their first LP on Globe Garage Records in July 2012, and independently released their 2nd album in August 2013.

Greenhouse in essence is an electronic act who has been haunted by the musical styling’s of 2000′s post-rock and rawness of 90′s guitar alternative. The duo are made up of Ryan Torres and Rex Hudson, they share playing synths and guitars between them, while Ryan does honors on the drums and Rex on the bass.

Their sophomore album, freshly released, and entitled, “The Last Shred of Night” was recorded over the course of 6 months. The first thing that instantly appears as striking is the track-list. The album presents a staggering 27 tracks! Though to be honest, the individual songs do not exceed in length, as is so often the case with electronically induced music.

Specialists in transcendental soundscapes that sometimes fuse into melody, Greenhouse don’t construct verse-chorus-verse ballads or loop-and-thump ravers. Their songs just unfold and the music builds and swells to breathtaking climaxes, while the textures and rhythms remain thick and rich. “The Last Shred of Night” is produced in a manner that creates an unbelievable experience for the listener. The sounds come together to form a sonic Shangri-la that can be found in almost no other music.

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The arrangements move through dark and saddened tones to soul-uplifting crescendos. There is honestly nothing on this album that I would change. Everything fits together perfectly to provide the listener with a sensational aural experience. In their most profound moments, Greenhouse allows you to view and identify with all that is beautiful, melancholy, hopeful, and marvelous, making their music intensely human.

To pick out the best or any standout songs, in a bagful of twenty-seven tracks, is an ominous and highly unlikely task. Simply put, “The Last Shred of Night” contains some of the most hypnotic, endlessly fascinating and unpretentious electronic music you’ll hear. There are traces of traditional rock sounds to be found, mostly in the bass-lines and drumming, combined with heavy doses of synth, swooshing pads and soft aural beds. For the most part, the album’s songs float by beautifully on shuffling beats and hauntingly ambient soundscapes.

The best way to view this album is as a complete unit of music, because most of the songs blend seamlessly into one another, carrying very much the same sounds throughout. The music that the duo has made is incredibly atmospheric. Listen and you’ll hear emotion and musical talent from artists expressing exactly what they want to, through their music.

Greenhouse don’t try to improvise to fill up space, or attempt to be overtly original, they don’t make their music as complex as possible, to prove that they can play their instruments. Everything is where they want it to be and you can tell they enjoy what they’re doing. “The Last Shred of Night” may not be mainstream enough to take over the world, but believe me; it’s beautiful enough to take over your stereo!

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Greenhouse: "The Last Shred of Night" Specialists in Transcendental Soundscapes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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