“Green Light at the End” Is Geared To Make You An Instant Fan!

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On their first self-titled EP as Green Light at the End, the band has worked with Grammy-Award winning mixing engineer, Jeff Juliano (Train, Paramore, John Mayer, Jason Mraz). This first offering delivers a familiar sound from their previous releases as The Resistance. The first single, ‘Come Back to Me’, from the latest album, is currently on rotation on DC101’s Local Lix.

Based in Ashburn, Va, Green Light at the End emerged into the DC Metro music scene in early 2009 initially as “the Resistance” with four seasoned musicians bringing together a diverse mix of musical styles. They have built a loyal following and have been compared to bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, Brand New, Radiohead, and Nada Surf. Green Light at the End is lead singer/guitarist Chris Goodin, lead guitarist Gene Sim, bassist Mark Crosnicker and drummer Dave Horton.

Their first self-titled Ep as The Resistance was released in October of 2010 and their first single, ‘You’re the One,’ has gotten radio play on Washington’s DC101 Local Lix. The band’s second EP, ‘These Old Ghosts,’ was released in January of 2012. Unlike their first EP, ‘These Old Ghosts’ was entirely self-produced by the band.

Nowadays you rarely find an album you can listen to straight through and afterwards want to listen to it again. An album that combines thought-provoking and memorable lyrics, together with real music, created on instruments that flow perfectly like an infinite cyclic waveform. This was the case with the band’s second album, ‘These Old Ghosts’. You couldn’t really skip over any of the tracks here without feeling like you forgot something.

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Over the last few years, “alternative” music and all of its sub-genres has become as overrun with garbage as any other genre you can think of, and in the digital age, the focus is more on songs rather than albums, so each song needs to be strong in its own right, for any band to really stand out from the crowd. Well finally here are a couple of songs that may start to restore your faith in the ability of a band to produce an accessible, yet quality-induced body of work, that is truly worth the time it takes you to listen to it.

On their self-titled debut Ep under the new band name, Green Light at the End lay down two powerhouse tracks that prove to be rewarding and that fits perfectly alongside each other. Sonically the mix makes for a very interesting listen. Though not in your face, the vocals stay prominent and can be clearly understood, while the drums rock out with innovative and shimmering production tones, leaving the gritty guitar sound to jingle and jangle alongside the melodies, dominating the arrangements.

This creates a stirring emotional feeling that truly unleashes when the harder parts kick in, as is the case on both “Devon’s Song” and “Don’t Wake Me”. This is the same effect produced on older tracks like “Come Back To Me” or “Telephone”, even though these tunes were self-produced; which brings me to the conclusion that this is an innate quality of the band’s performances. Songs like “Burn” and “These Old Ghosts”, from the “These Old Ghosts” Ep, evoked a darker quality that came across as deeply poetic, displaying the versatility of the band.

On the latest Ep, and even throughout prior recordings, Green Light at the End produce melodies that have their own rhythmical and unique style, setting the band’s vocal approach into a category of its own, while the lyrics draw the listener into deep thought and introspection, and can also be related to without any difficulty.

Green Light at the End is geared to make you an instant fan. And even though their music diverges from the usual models and success templates while attempting its own brand of sound, you will gain quick insight into what Green Light at the End is trying to achieve.

With so much fodder pouring out of the radio these days, tracks like “Devon’s Song” and “Don’t Wake Me”, would certainly make a refreshing change to the airwaves. Get this while you can!



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