FallsStart: Rocking Out On “Our Summer!”

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FallsStart is a 3-piece rock/punk band comprised of singer/rhythm guitarist/bassist/violinist Davey Leatherwood, lead guitarist/manager Adrian Cottmeyer, and drummer Jaron Seuis. Their sound combines the best of their wide-ranging influences and hard-nosed technical proficiency to create something wholly their own.

FallsStart is based out of Honolulu, but the band members have played and practiced together around the globe. Leatherwood and Cottmeyer first met in 2006 while stationed in South Korea on active duty for the United States Air Force. The two quickly bonded over their love of music, and began jamming together. In 2008, Leatherwood opted to join the Air Force music troupe Tops in Blue, where Seuis played drums.

Cottmeyer assumed his role as lead guitarist in the band during the fall of 2008. With a tight budget and the burning desire to cut an album, the band drove out to Audyssey Studios in Oklahoma City and immediately got to work during the summer of 2009.

After hearing the final product, the trio agreed that a career in music was an attainable goal, and one worthy of pursuit. Ready to break out of the local scene and onto the national circuit, “Casùs Incìpìunt” was officially released on October 31, 2010 via a label owned by the band, FallsStart, ltd.

2011 saw FallsStart complete their latest record “Our Summer”, which is due for release August. Re-uniting in Hawaii, the band wrote most of the music, testing material amongst the local audiences and later moving to Florida to record the material. Currently deployed while readying the band for an Eastern U.S tour in August, FallsStart has really just begun.

Alternative Rock Trio - FallsStart

The best way to enter your first listen of “Our Summer” is to go in with no expectations. I mean what could you really expect from a group of guys that haven’t even heard of before? Well, all I was hoping for on this album was to hear a group of friends rock out to some music they truly believed in. And that’s exactly what we get on this album. Honest-to-goodness punk rock filled with unstoppable energy.

The aggressive opener “Heir To The Throne” enters the ring as a riot-inducing heavyweight. The rock solid drum beat laid down by Jaron Seuis is attacked by the twin guitars of Davey Leatherwood and Adrian Cottmeyer with a vengeance, while Davey runs his vocal melody over the top.

“Happy Song” aims to fill arenas nationwide with its massive sing-a-along chorus, aided by some “oh-oh” chants and razor sharp guitar riffs.

“Carnivale” starts out as your standard ho-hum rock song with a twist – that is until the band kick it up another notch or two during the bridge and chorus, with some accelerated vocals and water-tight rhythms.

FallsStart really pick it up with “Greed,” which must go down as one of the best songs on the album. Davey’s vocals carry a sweet but menacing snarl throughout, while Jaron displays some gritty oomph behind the kit, especially during the bombastic choruses. The funky guitar and bass hooks never sound better than it does on this song. Davy’s voice soars on beautifully as he sings “I know you want it all, you had it all…and I watched you fall.” You can’t help but sing along. This song is absolutely radio ready and has a built-in instant appeal.

The high-rising “Our Summer” features infectious guitar riffs and the usual enormous chorus lines, which makes this band’s songs so endearing and catchy. Their brand of punk is more polished and engaging than many of their peers.

The powerful, almost metal-rock closer “Glass” brims with energetic tempos, structures and harmonies, where the band display a musical bravado that is all but unwavering.

Once you let it sink in that this is a collection of three friends picking up the pieces, rekindling friendships, and rediscovering how to rock out together, after various active duty stints for the United States Air Force. You can begin to sense, that for the first time since their collaboration in 2008, FallsStart is on the verge of setting the scene on fire in a big way.



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