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Fallout Shelter: “Elevator Music Volume III Going Down” Emotional warmth fills the tracks along with their usual sonic extremes

Four music producers decide to combine forces and create music under the name Fallout Shelter. They are Dynamics Plus (from the Lenzmen rap group), Drew Spence (from Producer’s Edge Magazine), Xodus Phoenix (instrumentalist) and Domino Grey (electronic music producer). These are instrumentals and beats designed for your listening pleasure.

Fallout Shelter has always taken their sound to new heights, adding depth and intricacy to their scores of heady electronics. Emotional warmth fills the tracks, along with their usual sonic extremes, creating an album that is at once moving and honest. Elevator Music Volume III Going Down will change the way you listen to electronic music.

fallout-shelter-175This is an album loaded with atmosphere, rhythm and beats – and is a new benchmark in electronic music. The bass notes are perfect, the rhythms are sweet and hushed, and you can’t help but feel chilled while listening.

Elevator Music Volume III Going Down is usually thrown into the rap-hiphop music genre, but I doubt whether the components who make up Fallout Shelter resolve themselves to thinking about genres whatsoever when composing music. It seems like each track has a deep chill sound that is uniquely that, of each producer. These are hiphop beats smothered in Downtempo, Electronic, almost Chillout sounds. It is a refreshing addition to the scene, and the album truly is a masterpiece.

Sounds on the album range from warm and organic to cold and synthetic, carefully balancing a breathing human element with that cold electronic sound that the our ancestors could not have even conceived.

Fallout Shelter’s compositions have unexpected rhythms, melodies, and sounds that even the most casual of listener will be entranced by. The music that is comprised within the 16 tracks is gentle enough to not be distracting while maintaining a complexity that keeps the mind churning.

If you appreciate artistic expression for the originality it can express, then there is absolutely no need to compare this to anything else. Since the way this music is assembled cannot be too readily compared to other artists.

Fallout Shelter bring the focus squarely in on the musical elements so vitally important to the atmosphere of the music; solid bass interaction and thick rhythmic aesthetics.

Fallout Shelter combines real foot- tapping beats with creativity, the result being music that seems to just flow right through one’s ears. They have taken the roots laid down by hiphop and electronic and refined them to a point where it is ethereal, melodic, hypnotic and soothing yet dance-inducing. Choosing any one standout track would be an injustice to another.

The music is complex and multi-layered, yet there is something there which keeps the toe tapping or sends a shiver down the spine. Hypnotic, mesmerizing and thoughtful, Elevator Music Volume III Going Down demonstrates an uncanny feel for studio production that surprises and intrigues the ear!

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