Chris D and The Broken Machine: “Misery, Poverty and War” – A Powerful Message!

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Chris D and The Broken Machine is a blues-rock based band, made-up of members, Marthinus Van Der Merwe from South Africa on bass, drummer Artur Olcyk from Poland, John Taylor on lead guitar, and naturally founder-member, Christopher David, on vocals, guitars and keyboards.

The band are currently in rehearsal, increasing their set, after having had a busy December 2012 which saw them doing two successful gigs and complete recording sessions for their new single “Misery, Poverty and War”. The song has been released and is now available to buy as a download. The band have also produced and released a video to back-up promotion of the “Misery, Poverty and War” single.

The music on the single is well-crafted, making it evident that these guys had a blast jamming and creating this music together, and the result is a very warm and rich song. It’s mellow, but energetic, with strong undertones of restlessness. Christopher David’s bittersweet voice lends itself perfectly to the rather serious lyrical content handled here. Throughout he keeps his vocal delivery straight and simple though, allowing the lyrics to hit nerve after raw nerve, and remain memorable.

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John Taylor puts the cherry on top, about 2:20 into the song, with a poignantly executed and fiery wah-wah-infused lead solo, while the rhythm section of Marthinus Van Der Merwe and Artur Olcyk drive the broiling back-beat, effortlessly, all the way through. This, ladies and gentleman, is rock n’ roll. Pure and simple. No electronic razzmatazz. No eye make-up. Just no-nonsense rock n’ roll.

The thumping techno-synth-drivel that passes for music these days is quite frankly, a different cup of tea, compared to this. Today musical talent is bypassed for an image and maybe a couple of dance moves, along with a computer generated track that requires no musicianship.

Take a look at the Top 20 artists from the last ten years. How many of them are actually musicians who can get together in a room (without PCs, iPhones or Tablets!) and jam something comprehensible? Not too many. So you youngsters are going to be screwed, unless and until, the emphasis on music returns to the ‘real music’ makers. With Chris D and The Broken Machine you have an opportunity to tune your ears into some ‘real music’ making, and while you’re about it, checkout the video of “Misery, Poverty and War” for some pretty powerful images and social messages, to match!

Chris D And The Broken Machine

Chris D And The Broken Machine







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Chris D and The Broken Machine: "Misery, Poverty and War" - A Powerful Message!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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