Another F*cking GLOBAL AFFRONT Review!

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Global Affront has been playing their alternative punk sound since 2009. In 2011, they released the “Global Affront EP” and in 2012, “Another F*cking Global Affront EP.” They’ve played shows all over the Bay Area at venues like the DNA Lounge and the Hard Rock SF, and have even headlined a show at the Continental Club in Oakland. The band also won the Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands in San Francisco, and is currently in the running to perform on the 2013 Ernie Ball Warped Tour.

Tristan Knoth (lead guitar), Rico Colley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Eric Wellington (drums) and Shane Hunt-Dussé (bass), produce their own brand of the now famous angst-ridden rock sound, which voices teen and post-teen frustration, while also touching on  politics and social justice. Though their songs seem straight-forward and simple, they are extremely infectious with an intense vitality, and are also highly melodic.

Like Green Day who took the inane lyrics of the Ramones, and the pop-punk sounds of the Buzzcocks and Descendents, creating fun, loud, punk albums, Global Affront builds upon much of the same. They obviously throw in some of their own particular ingredients along the way. Unlike the horde of cookie-cutter punk bands with tired riffs and incredibly stupid lyrics, Global Affront are fun without annoying immaturity and are capable of writing more mature songs, whenever the mood requires.

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Their first song, When the Riots”, was written in response to the riots, after the rise in police brutality, in Oakland, CA. This instantly established the band’s ability to handle ‘mature’ songwriting. With the release of the Global Affront EP in 2011, they enchanted listeners with their fast-tempo melodies and intense anthemic chants. On the recent 2012 release, “Another F*cking Global Affront EP” the band progressed further ahead, by enhancing their already established talents. The powerful frenzy of Raise the Flag”, the political stance on Dead America”, and the new generation-acclaiming anthem, Make Way”, playing testimony to this advancement.

Global Affront has an excellent mix of punk music with new age rock that gives them a uniquely fresh sound. Running through their catalog of released music, there is not a single song that does not have an awesome beat to it. No mean feat for a relatively young band!

Global Affront’s music isn’t purposely inaudible or obnoxious like many of their contemporaries or predecessors. They are part of a new future for punk-rock as a genre. Overall, if you like this style of music, you really can’t go wrong here. It’s the sound of thundering guitars and basses, energetic drums and raging vocals.

There’s something about the Global Affront sound that is addictive, like a drug. Most of it is upbeat and energetic, making it perfect kick-ass punk rock, which is really good to crank up in the car and piss people off with!






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    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 12, 2013 – Global Affront, a San Francisco-based punk rock band, and San Francisco Suicide Prevention (SFSP) announced today that they have partnered to produce Rock For Life, a benefit concert to raise awareness and support the suicide prevention services provided by SFSP. The concert will be held at the Regency Center, Sutter Room at 1270 Sutter Street in San Francisco on Saturday, May 4, 2013. Global Affront will headline the show with Dewey and the Peoples, Andrew St. James, Caslon Kahle, and other bands to be announced.

    “I’ve lost two close friends to suicide in the last few years,” stated Rico Colley of Global Affront. “Enough is enough. It’s time to do something about it. This is why we are so happy to partner with San Francisco Suicide Prevention for this event. SFSP provides critical services to support those in emotional distress. They have responded to over a million calls since they opened in 1962. Global Affront is proud to align with SFSP in their tireless effort to save lives.”

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    About Global Affront

    Global Affront has been playing in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2009. They play punk rock similar to Green Day (Dookie-era), Rise Against, NOFX and Bad Religion. In 2011, the band released “Global Affront EP” and in 2012, they released “Another F*cking Global Affront EP.” Global Affront has played shows all over the Bay Area and recently won the 2012 Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands in San Francisco. Learn more about Global Affront and their upcoming shows by visiting:

    About San Francisco Suicide Prevention

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