IDRISE Brings On His Pop&B Style!

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Idrise is a rising Pop/R&B artist from California that exudes an exotic look and a charming character. He brings a rich, unique R&B sound that is as product of his love for the music of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. His is the kind of sound that could gain listeners and fans from any demographic. He like to call his genre style Pop&B . A Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force, with a degree in Arabic studies and fluent in 4 languages, he has shown the importance of knowing where priorities lie.

Idrise grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he began singing and dancing; all throughout middle school and high school in everything from show choirs to break-dance crews. Soon after graduating high-school, he felt the need to be on stage again. He went on to performing at different venues in the area; one such venue, being the House of Blues, in Hollywood.

In 2010, while stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, his charms brought him to instant popularity after he stepped into the booth to record his first singles. In my opinion, the music industry needs artists like Idrise. Someone who can help fill the void of good R&B music, mixed with dance and pop, along the lines of what Usher initially did.

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Electro-pop can be seen as almost an extension of the infamous bubblegum era from the past. Yet Idrise does something with Electro-pop here, which actually advances the music into the future. “Superhuman” for example blends 70′s dance with afro pop type percussion, into today’s electro-pop framework, with a very infectious melody and hook. And it actually turns into a highlight amongst his works.

Idrise seems to realize the importance of rhythms in his music and lets it shine all through his tracks. “Midnight” is another terrific up-tempo number, blending some modern electro effects with what’s basically straight club dance. But there’s more than just that here. The productions are sleek, rich, and uniform from the minimal EDM electronica of “Alive” to the layered, synth-chorded “Until I Find You,” for me the absolute highlight of this collection of songs.

Overall Idrise is taking a particular style of R&B and dance music, that today is often associated with just about everything that is flawed and disposable, and applies rhythmic and melodic depth. Together with his soulful and vibrant voice, he gives the music the effect of being typically uncomplicated for dance clubs looking for hot beats, yet at the same time, musically rich enough for personal headphone listening.

Idrise is currently a kind of Bruno Mars and Jason Derulo rolled into one, and if he chooses to expand his music from this level, even better things are likely to come.



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IDRISE Brings On His Pop&B Style!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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