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GianCarlo: “Lyricly Incline” puts together a line of tracks that brings to light his talents

GianCarlo is a New York Raised hip hop artist known for his intense wordplay, syllable structure and versatility. He was first introduced to music as a young teen. GianCarlo writes and engineers for himself and others. He has also created RhymeOrDie Productions, his own label. GianCarlo had made multiple mixtapes and has been featured on many tracks.

GianCarlo’s latest EP release is entitled “Lyricly Incline”. GianCarlo is one of the illest rappers. He has a unique style that can’t really be compared to anybody. He can rap slow or hang with the fastest. His lyrics and the way he spits them are heartfelt and original. The EP contains very deep themes and meanings, while GianCarlo is very articulate as his rhymes tell it how it is.

GIANCARLO-coverTo be honest with you there few rappers out there right now that is as tight as GianCarlo. He is hands down one of the most talented underground hip hop artists out there. His voice is exceptional, the lyrical content of his songs is exceptional, and most of all, his flow is beyond belief. All the songs are as awesome as I had hoped too, which is a relief when reviewing any new material. Standouts include Smoke & Mirrors -GianCarlo (Mastered) Prod. U-Dub, No Sleep -GianCarlo Ft. Ruff Gewel (Mastered), One Shot-GianCarlo(Prod.by Paradiso), Heat Seeker-GianCarlo DISS(prod. by Jordan Benz) and Ease Your Pain -GianCarlo Ft. Nick.

The production values on “Lyricly Incline” are up there with the best and gets only better when GianCarlo throws some flavor in. He has a style that stands out and separates him as a real emcee which is what most artists these days lack. Everyone’s too worried about the hooks and the beats to take care of their lyrical content and rapping technique. GianCarlo has what it takes and focuses his energy on the lyrical content without losing sight of the music and for this alone should be more recognized in the game.

This EP is a great addition to the GianCarlo collection, especially if you are just hearing about him now and you missed the early stuff. In “Lyricly Incline” he puts together a line of tracks that brings to light his talents. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes and GianCarlo is both a different shape and size! If you’re in the mood to get your mind buzzing while nodding to a cool beat then make sure this new EP reaches your collection soon.

Complex lyrics and on the edge curiosity will leave you constantly hanging in for more while listening to “Lyricly Incline”. GianCarlo is smart, talented, and insightful. His music has meaning behind it and he has the talent to deliver it!


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