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Anthony Everest: “Never Around” is a Colorful and Complex Tapestry of Moods and Music

Multi-Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest, has released his highly anticipated 5-track Ep “Never Around”. Of the music Anthony says This particular Ep – draws from feelings of despondence sometimes and inner strength. Knowing what’s best for me and finding the will to strive towards those goals. I don’t wait for anybody to make me happy. I just get on with it…”

There are a limited number of Soul albums out there that are extremely creative and highly intelligent with miles of depth and thought-provoking lyrics and mood-inducing music. Anthony Everest’s Never Around” is one of those albums that have it all: substance, depth, excellent production, and timeless quality.

Building upon the talents that came blasting through on his previous work, “Follow Your Dreams” and “Kiss Me Baby”, the various pop and dance elements that defined those awesome recordings, are replaced by a much more soulful blend of piano-based R&B.

Anthony is by far, one of the most talented vocal artists I’ve heard in recent years and his music is not one of those passing fads. It has a mature and highly fluid quality. All the tracks that make up this Ep are total stand outs. From “Unwanted Child” and “Always Rise” to “You Call Me Baby”, “Never Around” and “Wasted”, you’ll be hard pressed to single out just one favorite.

Anthony Everest is a vocalist of tremendous gift and skill, who brings to mind the very best R&B. His songs are beautiful, deep, poetic, and heartfelt. And the production on this Ep is gorgeously organic and minimal too – a layer of sound that manages to be sweet without being saccharine, sophisticated without being abstract and soothing without losing its edge. Pure music, regardless of what you call it!

Anthony Everest is also refreshingly different from the classic pop sound, and also from the classic R&B style. His style is unique, but he does not sacrifice music for originality. Most artists who try to sound different only succeed in sounding terrible. I would suggest at least listening to Anthony, even if you never own one of his albums or Ep’s. You may be surprised by his style and enjoy listening to him.

Anthony Everest once again outdid himself here, on “Never Around”, with a colorful and complex tapestry of moods and music carried along by his unmistakable soulful voice. Great songs, great singing, and great production make this a must-have recording!



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