Jacob Aiden – JamSphere http://jamsphere.com The Indie Music Magazine & Radio Network! Mon, 12 Apr 2021 18:01:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Aubalet Jani – “Dark Stormy” – a detailed, hard-hitting, cinematic style of production! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/aubalet-jani-dark-stormy-a-detailed-hard-hitting-cinematic-style-of-production http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/aubalet-jani-dark-stormy-a-detailed-hard-hitting-cinematic-style-of-production#respond Mon, 12 Apr 2021 17:54:35 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45504 Aubalet Jani is an Assyrian artist born in Erbil, Iraq and raised Ankawa, where he lived for 14 years before migrating to Canada from Lebanon. He now resides in London Ontario, from where he is sending out his beats worldwide. Currently working on his catalog, the Canadian based producer has released his first single, entitled “Dark Stormy”. This track is absolute fire, thanks to the thrilling burst of powerful electricity that ignites the thunderous beat. Aubelet knows how to inject cinematic magnificence into his music as he combines growling basslines bass and bold chord progressions, with scintillating synths motifs.

“Dark Stormy” is welded together by the thumping kick-drum which has one of the best low end thuds I have ever heard in the underground, to create a piece of art that’s bursting with ideas that impressively complement one another. It’s clear that the mastering and mixing on “Dark Stormy”, is cutting edge quality – an area in which many independent artists fail to impress.

This often happens, simply because unsigned don’t give mixing, and especially mastering, the attention it deserves, or because they themselves don’t possess the correct high-end technology to execute the process correctly.

I’m not sure how Aubalet Jani solved this enigma, but “Dark Stormy” bangs with an unheard of fury that will blow your woofers to smithereens if you crank up the volume too high. The blistering energy that this track unfolds across its runtime, is impressive.

What we have on “Dark Stormy”, is two minutes and forty nine seconds minutes of highly atmospheric, expertly arranged, texturally thumping music that sounds distinctly of an extremely thoughtful and creative producer.

Moreover, a producer who is both musically and technically on point. “Dark Stormy” could so easily be the soundtrack to an epic movie, as its construction contemplates varying moods that explode into a euphoric apex of crushing sound.

I can’t think of many other independent artists that drop an official debut single with this kind of quality, regardless of genre. Coming out of nowhere, “Dark Stormy” effectively bends the conversation towards Aubalet Jani, proving that his detailed, hard-hitting, cinematic style of production is enough to stand and shine on its own, or even fold around a selection of high-level collaborators.

Electronic based music, more than every other modern genre, is evolving at breakneck speed. With technology always improving and a variety of sounds and creative possibilities becoming more accessible, there are no limits to its growth.

From what I can hear, Aubalet Jani has found his niche within this trailblazing aesthetic, and mastered it. Right from the start “Dark Stormy” encapsulates him as a force to be reckoned with, as he moves forward with his career. Word is also out that Aubalet Jani is a singer too, which means, for him, the possibilities are endless.


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FiendBeats – “Loss” is a mesmerizing blend of ominous, bone-crushing rhythms and shuffling melodies http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/fiendbeats-loss-is-a-mesmerizing-blend-of-ominous-bone-crushing-rhythms-and-shuffling-melodies http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/fiendbeats-loss-is-a-mesmerizing-blend-of-ominous-bone-crushing-rhythms-and-shuffling-melodies#respond Mon, 12 Apr 2021 15:36:43 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45498 FiendBeats is a 23 year old self-taught independent artist/producer from Ontario Canada, who produces, Trap, EDM, Techno, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, indie, and alternative style music all infused with mood-inducing storytelling. He started his musical career by selling his early beats to others online and eventually got a beat store to expand his reach and work with as many talented artists as possible. FiendBeats also vocal engineers, mixes and masters everything on his own.

His latest instrumental EP, “Loss”, is a mesmerizing blend of ominous, bone-crushing rhythms and shuffling melodies, featuring an impressive carousel of instruments and effects. As the title would imply, the EP is concerned with the devastating tragedies of loss, and is more disturbingly psychedelic and darkly cosmic than anything FiendBeats has done before.

It is important to note that the sentiments and emotions forcing their way through these tracks are not constructed on abstract, or third-person viewpoints. Recently FiendBeats lost both his mom, and mother in law – Sue Wansbrough and Teresa Sowka – hence this EP is in honor of their memories. Expect a harsher, darker sound, but also expect to hear the mark of a producer supremely confident of holding a listener’s attention, regardless of the style of track he has created.

He does so most unerringly on the EP’s opening track, “DESCENT”, which acts as a smoldering intro to this collection.  Crumbling basslines, spiraling synths and crashing percussion is where gravity seems to disintegrate along with any memory of the real world.

It’s a deep dive down the FiendBeats rabbit hole. This leads to “AGONY”, a tumbling trip taking in shards of relentless sonic bombast. An unpredictable soundscape, twisting and turning, that feels like falling into a swampy plague of the unknown.

Sonically, the EP is a surreal time warp that stops off, and starts, in more places than you can think of. The apocalyptic dissonance and dark storytelling clearly baring FiendBeats’ most personal emotions. Not much, if any, of the first half of “Loss” could be described as easy listening, but remembering its conceptual premise, it’s not supposed to be.

Having said that, it’s fair to note that the tones subtly begin to change on “BARTERING”, which rides on a broiling bassline and snippets of melodic synth motifs that are sure to tease the ear. “DISSOCIATION” still pushes at the boundaries of any expectations you bring to it, and to the sounds it mashes and warps, as it builds itself from quiet noise into a sturdy and thumping beat. There’s certainly a level of accessibility here.

What’s unexpected is how the final track, “ANGELS”, comes together, as FiendBeats mixes the organic with electronic – strummed acoustic guitars, meet up with retro pianos, and booming tom-toms, in a sort of sonic heaven, in complete contrast with the opening track.

It’s the sign of an emotional state of being that has reached its culmination. Even at its most straightforward, this remains a challenging and dense recording. In many ways, “Loss” revels in its obvious musical mastery and its emotional explorations, daring the listener to share the journey.


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Taylor Tote – “21 Min Drive” is just gorgeously transcendent! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/taylor-tote-21-min-drive-is-just-gorgeously-transcendent http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/taylor-tote-21-min-drive-is-just-gorgeously-transcendent#respond Mon, 12 Apr 2021 10:30:15 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45486 In a universe surrounded by music, 25 year-old award winning singer-songwriter, Taylor Tote grew up in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. When Tote is not performing, recording, or writing she is at Marymount Manhattan College studying Media and Arts Management, Social Entrepreneurship, and Music Industry. Her latest collection of songs are presented in an EP entitled “21 Min Drive”. On her first collaboration with producer and songwriter, Russell Hayden, the Jersey Shore native brings together a blend of modern pop, R&B, dance, and electro, to forge four cutting edge musical gems. Recorded remotely, “21 Min Drive” was engineered by Hayden and Tote, and written and produced over the course of three weeks.

Photos by David Ross Lawn

 In a sentence, Taylor Tote’s “21 Min Drive” is crisp, cool, slick and totally gripping. Brilliant production, an impressively nuanced voice and a focused pen-game, transcend into many different colors and shades of beauty until the very last song. Never sounding forced, rushed, overwhelming or out of her depth, Taylor Tote could literally blow your mind. She is simply one of the most stunning artists I’ve come across in a while.

What’s truly impressive about “21 Min Drive”, is that Taylor Tote manages to showcase her sheer talent and the quality of her music, without any pretentious showboating. Everything sounds infinitely effortless. The songs truly feel like a suite and flow perfectly into each other. There are no limitations to Tote’s abilities and this is almost a statement in this EP, with the singer-songwriter swinging between tracks with faultless precision.

You will find everything on this record. Taylor Tote sublimely dishes out an incredible, and quickly delivered electro dance groove, on the opening track, “Selfish”. Shimmering keys and throbbing basslines meet walls of warm strings, in a track dealing with a friend who is consistently choosing themselves over others, and the frustrating emotions that can arise. Undulating and twisting, the embodiment of constant motion, Tote turns in a stylish performance that’s all mellifluous flow.

“I get a little obsessive. Think I’m being aggressive. I pull back and regret it. Cause you’ll never know,” is how Taylor Tote opens the pop stylings of “Lowkey Stressed”, where her elastic voice is a selling point in itself. Bouncing off tempo and texture changes, Tote investigates the anxiety of relationships, and figuring out how to navigate new feelings. The music arrangement surprised me at every corner, leaving me unexpected of what’s to come next, and it’s refreshing to say the least.

Photos by David Ross Lawn

“Atypical” is about finding your confidence, even if you don’t fit into the stereotypical molds of society. It rides on a tight finger-snapping rhythm which allows Taylor Tote to showcase her syncopated vocal licks which sweep effortlessly into a beautifully spaced out chorus. Here is an artist with a vision, and a style that sets her apart from her booty shaking, vocally shrieking contemporaries. Sure, her ambition is everywhere, but it’s never threatening and always entertaining.

“Flawless” features a 25 piece string orchestra, recorded in London, England. Vocally and lyrically, it’s poetic and it’s definitive. The narrative Tote unravels, in this R&B-styled track, takes you into the realms of recognizing internal faults, while maintaining the ability to stay independent. It’s about finding that balance that centers you. Taylor Tote’s vocal nuancing reaches its absolute apex on this track. It’s just gorgeously transcendent here.

In summary, the EP “21 Min Drive” allows Taylor Tote to fluidly cross genre lines, without being questioned. It gives her a hook to hang her prodigious vocal, and interpretive talents, while also shining a bright light on the solid craftsmanship of Russell Hayden. “21 Min Drive” is a feat, an accomplishment. It’s something to be proud of, for all involved.


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Zalex – ‘Hindsight’ is an alluring record – vulnerable, powerful and urgently captivating! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/zalex-hindsight-is-an-alluring-record-vulnerable-powerful-and-urgently-captivating http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/zalex-hindsight-is-an-alluring-record-vulnerable-powerful-and-urgently-captivating#respond Sun, 11 Apr 2021 12:33:52 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45445 As may be obvious by now, I’ve been following the trajectory of singer-songwriter Alex Ruimy aka Zalex, since 2015, and consider him one of the finest pop music songwriters of the last decade bar none. The fact that he is not yet a household name is irrelevant, and can certainly be put down to the mainstream marketing mechanisms, or the artist’s respectful desire to not want to scale a level into the creatively suffocating hysteria of the commercial music business. In fact, he refers to himself as a ‘hobby singer-songwriter’. Either way, he has continued to independently release remarkably enchanting music over the years, and after a short break is back with a brand new EP, entitled ‘Hindsight’, which can be considered his quarantine recording, which he wrote and produced during quarantine, and a cross-country move.

‘Hindsight’ is an alluring record, vulnerable, powerful and urgently captivating. Zalex always has a profound perspective on life, and his force of personality gently ravishes tracks that otherwise might sound simply endearing on the outside. His best songs perform a kind of magic, with sentiments that feel universal to all of us but are as personal as his own fingerprints. It’s actually amazing how much ground this recording covers.

Between an array of enthralling tunes, great lyrics and a beguiling, wistful voice, ‘Hindsight’ has everything that an EP needs to truly make an impact. If you were under the impression that his previous works may have just been a fluke, this recording will surely change your mind. Zalex continues to mark himself as one of the strongest pop songwriters in the game.

The flow between these tracks is impeccable, with the opening song ‘PIECES’ setting the tone of the EP perfectly and the remainder of the tracks establishing, and confirming the organic beauty of its sound. This first track is about the artist’s mother and brings a strong sense of nostalgia: “If you look at your love. Look at your life. Always start behind. Relive the world inside. Look at your love. To yourself be kind. If you’re looking at life. Look at mine,” sings Zalex.

In his affect, production, and writing, Zalex telegraphs extraordinary sensitivity with an extraordinary, sense of control. His emotions and sensibilities are never overwhelming, as he draws and outlines the lyrical imagery, allowing you to fill in your personal colors.

The words, “I lost my friend. She was the only one I had. I can’t pretend this room gets any warmer,” slides in on an almost playful strum of the acoustic guitar in ‘FRIEND’. But it really hides a heartfelt ode to a dear friend, named Cookie. “Sleep in peace, my friend. You can close your eyes. You’ll feel this love the rest of your life,” are words that only those who truly bond with their companions will appreciate, as Zalex honors the love between himself and his special friend, Cookie the guinea pig.

“Well you and I live in a deck of cards. We’re dealt around a hand of life. That shuffles who we are,” are the words that intriguingly opens Zalex’s reflections on reincarnation in ‘ENDLESS’. The track makes vivid and lasting replies to our doctrinal thinking. “This life is just a frame inside a reel. And never ending moving pictures. Cast and scored reveal,” sings Zalex, his voice wrapped in warm conciliatory tones, his songwriting precious. “Next time around. Maybe I’m your brother. Next time around. Maybe we’re each other.”

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that can cause above-normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. It’s a disorder that Zalex tackles directly, and in the first person, on ‘NORMAL’. “No I will never be more. I’ll never be no more. I will never be normal.” Further on in the song he alludes to the behavior the therapies and chemical medication. There’s a slight tone of hindrance and frustration in his voice but never a hint of resignation, only disconcerted acceptance.

The EP closes with the mechanisms and intricacies of change in ‘ORIGAMI’. “Oh the shape that you can see. Just another side of me. And the shape I claimed to be. Was only the space surrounding me. Fold me up orthogonally. I’m only origami. And I can be what you can make of me.” Ironically, or cleverly, Zalex’s voice runs through a shape-shifting vocoder effect, which adds an extra dimension to the narrative and overall impact of the song.

The EP ‘Hindsight’ is a story that rewrites life’s highly affecting tropes, in Zalex’s own image and experiences. This is an exceptional recording, from a strictly entertaining viewpoint, but maybe more importantly it’s also a beacon for people who struggle to reconcile their own afflictions and aspirations, with their potential for serenity, joy and love in life. This project has showcased that Zalex’s performing, producing and songwriting abilities have sharpened to the highest degree, as has his voyages of self-discovery.


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T Capo – ‘Londono Lietuvis’ shows the inner craft of a true artist http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/t-capo-londono-lietuvis-shows-the-inner-craft-of-a-true-artist http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/t-capo-londono-lietuvis-shows-the-inner-craft-of-a-true-artist#respond Sun, 11 Apr 2021 02:52:38 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45436 T Capo is an artist, singer, and songwriter originating from Daugai, Lithuania, and now based in London, England. Starting at the age of twelve, T Capo has developed and rebranded his style and sound to what it is today. He seeks to create music that will inspire people around the world, and has just released his 6 track EP, entitled ‘Londono Lietuvis’. He sets the bar high on this recording. One can’t help but fall in love with the beginning of this album, “Intro” (Arrival). On the track, T Capo begins like an artist who knows he’s about to snatch the souls of listeners with his lyrics, as he describes a life changing voyage into a new country without his parents as a child.

While most rappers aim to draw attention to themselves, T Capo opts to focus on the message and the audience who needs to hear this story most. It’s a heartfelt performance from T Capo which will resonate with a lot of people. The artist’s descriptive storytelling will keep listeners glued to the speakers. One can also predict his smooth delivery from the foundation the beat lays for his bars on “Intro” (Arrival).

‘Londono Lietuvis’ is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering verisimilitude, engorged with energetic raps and brimming with deep observations. It’s T Capo at his most bare and his most relatable, finally enabling us to understand the full spectrum of who he is. His projects have all had strong links to concepts, exploring anger, healing, thoughtfulness, hope and desire. “I Don’t Need You” is a self-empowering anthem.

 “I don’t need you. No, I don’t need you. Only need me in this life, and it’s true,” sings T Capo, emphasizing how we need to depend on ourselves to achieve our goals in life, as everybody else is always trying to bring you down. It’s beautiful, pressing, and indicative of a man looking to get more out of the world than what was initially offered to him. T Capo’s ability to make the audience empathize with his struggles has never been more captivating. His flow bites with menace brewing just beneath the surface of every word.

The atmosphere lightens up on “Only Fan” ft. Rayane Aznag, which brings a mellifluous groove. This is one of those elegant blends with silky supporting vocals that weave together the track’s disparate parts for a mesmerizing wave of melody.

Azbag is superb on the hook, while T Capo brings up the song’s desirous narrative. The EP is at its strongest when it goes full in on that mesmerizingly simple urbane aesthetic which comes forth on “Pack”. T Capo rides the beat with urgency, delivering the most authentic experience possible.

“I Could Be Gone” ft. Viktorija Faith pulls the listener in for a brief soulful interlude that trickles down into the ears with its wistful singing and T Capo’s resoundingly fresh delivery. As he continues to refine his ability to captivate without preaching. The song oozes ambience, while T Capo’s commitment to lyricism comes out in multilayered bursts of wordplay. Up to this point of the EP, the production has been carefully curated by Ayare Beats.

‘Londono Lietuvis’ closes down with the track, “Lithuanian Legend” ft. Kilo Tips, which was produced by Mir. T Capo’s melodic tone of voice combined with his gift for riding beats make for a very pleasing listen on this track which bounces forward on a throbbing beat.

All across this EP, T Capo is comfortable and focused, openly brandishing the lyrical weaponry he first hinted to, on his earlier works. ‘Londono Lietuvis’ shows the inner craft of a true artist.


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G.E. Holliday – “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a track of escapism! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/g-e-holliday-vampire-infinity-romance-is-a-track-of-escapism http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/g-e-holliday-vampire-infinity-romance-is-a-track-of-escapism#respond Sat, 10 Apr 2021 11:45:26 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45411 G.E. Holliday is back on track with latest single release, “Vampire Infinity Romance”, which is a fantasy song about men and women becoming one. The artist produced, wrote, arranged and played all instruments on the track. The recording was whittled down from over 150 instruments and 50 different versions before finding its final form in the current version. Having dropped rock stylings onto his R&B grooves for his previous releases, giving them a richly psychedelic flavor, G.E. Holliday continues his trip to create some of the most imaginative pop music around. The production is exceptional, with distorted guitars and ambient keys offset by whip-crack drumming for moments of pure mind-high pleasure.

Listeners always knew G.E. Holliday was coming with unique edge since his earliest releases, but he is getting even better with his calming-yet-edgy vibe on “Vampire Infinity Romance”. The singer-songwriter uses more dark and intricate storytelling to get his messages across. It’s a track about twisted love that easily brings listeners into a euphoric state. This will make you feel like a sensual being as its narrative is infused with a blend of lyricism able to feed multiple alter egos.

“Vampire Infinity Romance” shows G.E. Holliday’s continuing growth as an artist into one who is taking even more musical risks and dabbling in risqué references. He shows his everlasting dreamer mentality, and creative freedom.

With an impressive range, he masters getting many different sounds to jell together cohesively. G.E. Holliday’s unyielding vocals paired with sultry sonics introduce a sensual record for those looking to relax and unwind.

Though intricate and complex in its construction, “Vampire Infinity Romance” calls for an easy-listening experience. Thanks to the smooth weaving together of all the elements that make up the song. You will read a lot of pieces comparing G.E. Holliday to Prince.

That comparison seems right, because G.E. Holliday is also a supremely talented music creator, with a voice and timbre that resembles The Purple One. However he has his own library of quirks and stylistic flourishes that help to distinguish him from the crowded music arena.

G.E. Holliday is at his best performing the role of studio wizard, layering instruments and luscious sound effects on top of his wistful croon to create richly rewarding soundscapes. That’s what makes his tracks so excellent – they consistently play to his strengths.  “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a snapshot of the mind of an artist who feels creatively free. The understated lustful energy of the song, oozes confidence, maturity, and self-awareness.

Set against a slow-burning production that entrances the mind, more than anything, “Vampire Infinity Romance” is a track of escapism. Beyond the production and instrumentation, featuring a fiery lead guitar, is G.E. Holliday’s unique voice. His vocals are so malleable that they can make the listener feel every emotion, all at once. This sound is clearly characteristic of the G.E. Holliday aesthetic – mysterious, eclectic and sexy, through and through.


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Blue Soul Ten – ‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’ – compositional muscle and well curated rhythms! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/blue-soul-ten-the-incredible-sound-of-blue-compositional-muscle-and-well-curated-rhythms http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/blue-soul-ten-the-incredible-sound-of-blue-compositional-muscle-and-well-curated-rhythms#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 23:02:12 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45392 Blue Soul Ten, has been on an upward swing from the moment he arrived in 2015 with his debut album ‘The Unspoken Warrior’, though he had already been on the scene behind the curtains for a number of years. Falling comfortably into the shoes of top line producers, with elements of soul, lounge, and jazz, each Blue Soul Ten record has upped the one that came before. His albums are otherworldly and can’t be easily labeled as one thing or another, which I believe is by BST’s design.

Arguably his most out there and forward-thinking record is his latest, ‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’. It is a culmination of everything that came before and things we’d yet to hear from him. It’s a game changer for BST. What the album does is explore the sonic world of Blue Soul Ten further, taking time to savor the producer’s compositional muscle and well curated rhythms, as he adds more hip-hop and rap flavors to his smooth blend of ingredients.

With features like Surron the 7th, IAMIV, J Pad da Juggernaut, Kenilworth Katrina and Syauqi Destanika, the cast of impressive characters come together to make a dense and exciting record to get lost in.

The tracks here present another set of very visceral listening experiences. Rhythms you feel in your bones, and melodies appearing out of smooth waves of sound. Tight beats turn on a dime, while jazz fusion chords intertwine with hip hop sensibilities. BST’s head is filled with all of these things.

The cool and sultry sounds of ‘Intro’ open the proceedings, before ‘Opportunity’ ft. Surron the 7th starts out in a wave of harmony, and descends into a stream of rapped verses and a swarming beat.

We then settle into the smooth groove of ‘Speaker’ ft. IAMIV on the mic. This is prime Blue Soul Ten. A real head bobber with that throbbing bass line that pushes you along. We now know that Blue Soul Ten makes some of the most intriguing hip hop/soul fusion hybrids out there.

Blue Soul Ten’s compositional creativity is great, but his constant evolution makes him truly remarkable. The rolling bass on ‘A.B.R.’ ft. J Pad da Juggernaut and the shimmering guitar and piano playing on ‘Can’t Stand The Rain’ ft. Kenilworth Katrina bring on his staggered beats and constant groove. ‘11:30’ ft. Surron the 7th and Syauqi Destanika (on the hook) breaks new ground with a rap, neo-soul, and jazz orchestrations crossing paths.

‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’ flaunts a healthy balance of hip-hop nuanced deviation, as Blue Soul Ten elaborates on his musical ideas, spotlighting this album’s unprecedented instrumental cohesion.

This natural flow carries over to the super silky ‘Hustle’ ft. IAMIV and ‘Sunshine’ ft. Kenilworth Katrina, which set a tone of natural collaboration. Whether it’s the illustrious instrumental ambiance or the rapping feature, ‘One Shot’ ft. Surron the 7th, also achieves incredible weight.

The funky soul of ‘Outro” closes the album, as BST dedicates the album, celebrates his guests, and pays homage to the hip-hop culture. Meticulous arrangements and strong vocal performances play roles of equal importance, pushing the artistic chops of all concerned on this album. Amazingly, ‘The Incredible Sound of Blue’ is Blue Soul Ten’s most consistently compelling work.

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Grand Rezerva – “Walk” is crushing, heavily percussive and ultimately addicting! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/grand-rezerva-walk-is-crushing-heavily-percussive-and-ultimately-addicting http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/grand-rezerva-walk-is-crushing-heavily-percussive-and-ultimately-addicting#respond Fri, 09 Apr 2021 12:21:39 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45373 I fell head over heels in love with Swedish rock band Grand Rezerva in 2019, after hearing their single, “Hellhound”, mixed and mastered by Beau Hill (Ratt, Europe, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper). The talented collective, comprising of Michael C. Svensson (Vocals), Andreas Lundberg (Guitar), Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson (Guitar), Thomas Helgesson (Drums) and Zoak (Bass), totally won me over a few month later, when I listened to their follow-up single release “Nowhere Bound”. The band, which was initially launched in 2009, now cement my convictions with their brand new single release “Walk”. Proving that they continue to have that special something that pushes every single one of my listening-pleasure buttons.

“Walk” is an even more eclectic and musically powerful outing than the band’s previous releases, with the quintet going all out explosive anthemic rock. It’s the combination of their experience and undeniable talent that enables them to produce such an accomplished and slick sound on their new effort. This head-banger will have you screaming the words in an almost aggressive punk fashion, as it rarely comes up for air.

Grand Rezerva are not playing around. They have come back full-throttle with “Walk” and are ready to reclaim music from electronic, auto-tuned hell. In the process, they’re treating the lost fans of rock n’ roll to the perfect hard-hitting soundtrack whilst rejuvenating a genre that perhaps has been left in the wrong hands for way too long.  It’s a power-packed monster tune, with the turbo-charged drums racing along to the flying sky-high bass and guitar.

The lead vocals deliver a ridiculously abrasive and catchy rocker with an irresistible swagger, and a chorus that just does me in. The way the voice and the music drive this track to euphoric levels of energy together, is a thing of beauty.

While the music showcases the band’s superior level of craftsmanship and skill, it’s Michael C. Svensson vocals that really stand out for me on this record. He packs so much emotion into every phrase, word and melody, and sings with a kind of power that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

It helps that the band lets loose and allows the music and the vocals to soar. Obviously, this is a collective with a high level of technical proficiency, but Grand Rezerva also deliver tunes that have significant emotional power.

It’s a fantastic experience to hear this band play together: they seem to be an excellent fit, reinforcing and strengthening each other, taking their considerable individual strengths and fusing them into something even greater than the sum of those already impressive parts.

What Grand Rezerva bring is more of a true, unbridled, classic rock sound. There is a sense of power and urgency to their songs that makes a track like “Walk”, a major stand out. It’s the kind of true power-rock that is just not made anymore. There is no artificial wizardry here. Just dazzling music made by superb musicians. “Walk” is crushing, heavily percussive and ultimately addicting.


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The Heresy ( Mega Sean) – “HipHop 101” Takes us back to the time of classic hip-hop http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/the-heresy-mega-sean-hiphop-101-takes-us-back-to-the-time-of-classic-hip-hop http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/the-heresy-mega-sean-hiphop-101-takes-us-back-to-the-time-of-classic-hip-hop#respond Thu, 08 Apr 2021 15:08:31 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45357 A Toronto born/Mississauga raised artist, Mega Sean is a self-taught song writer, musician and performer who has been a hardworking and successful independent artist since 2003. Mega Sean has also been one of the first artists in the GTA to turn his craft into a business and has thrived off of t-shirt merchandise and overall brand strategies and sales. He has featured artists like Busy Signal, Chris Martin, Master P and Lil Romeo on his mixtapes, and has performed with Snow, Wayne Wonder, Cutty Ranks and Punjabi MC, as well as opening for Kardinal, Socrates, Rihanna, Blake McGrath and many others.

Currently Mega Sean’s talents are flying high on the album “HipHop 101” with The Heresy, hosted by Jadakiss. Overall this is a very strong album with many standout tracks, purposeful, highly complex and thoughtful lyrics, which takes back to the time of classic hip-hop.

The beats are provided by top level production, and they are banging. Track after track, you keep thinking Mega Sean’s can’t possibly continue delivering such consistent bars, but he keeps proving you wrong.

The key to Mega Sean’s lyrical consistency is that’s what he feeds on, as well as a deep love of the culture, few others still have in today’s scene.  Right from the funky opener “Internet Frat Boys” to the pounding “West End” and the racy “You Get Nothing”, the lessons are endless from Mega Sean. An emcee doesn’t last as long as this guy does without dropping some thoughts worth learning from.

A lot of what he’s saying isn’t difficult to understand either. Simplicity is a deceptively hard thing to achieve. Artists like Mega Sean, who get right to the point in this fashion and actually say something are exceedingly rare to find.

But he kind of just gives you the truth, and it comes out directly on the hard hitting rhymes of “Real Recognize Real” and “Street Life”. However, he has plenty of eye-opening statements that you should be receiving, and which you can pick up on “Let’s Build”, “Hip Hop 101” and “Pay Us”.

Sonically, the album has a slew of sounds that highlight the verses. It can go from the slower, soulful “Show Stoppa” to the reggae-like “Wasteman” and the mid-tempo slam of “Reload”. This is an artist with multiple flavors in his arsenal. Mega Sean probably takes hip-hop more seriously than any other rapper, as he directs much of his focus to reminding listeners about the forgotten roots of the genre.

Mega Sean is a master at timing the change in his topics and flow with the drops in the beat. He goes from the chugging flow of “On the Good Foot”, to the Latino jam of “La Policia” and the piano-driven crunch of “Meadowvale”, before closing the album with the crash and bang of “Stand Down”.

Ultimately, Mega Sean just lets loose across the board on this album, relentlessly driving home his messages, and valiantly shedding some light on what classic hip-hop from the golden age is about. That aside he does a fantastic job of combining his flow with his brilliant brand of rhyme.


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Shyla Day – “Selfish” brims with globe conquering potential! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/shyla-day-selfish-brims-with-globe-conquering-potential http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/shyla-day-selfish-brims-with-globe-conquering-potential#respond Wed, 07 Apr 2021 00:59:08 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45327 Award-Winning Music Artist, Social Influencer, Bestselling Author, TEDx speaker, and Humanitarian are impressive titles emblazoned in Shyla Day’s curriculum. Unsurprisingly, there is more, because this young lady is a certified overachiever. She has obtained distribution in 189 countries in the largest retailers, libraries, and airports around the world for her bestselling book and award-winning music. Shyla’s debut single release, garnered over 16 music award nominations, including Pop Artist of the Year.

Prior to Covid-19, she was selling out venues like the House of Blues, and Whiskey a Go Go performing alongside Icons like Sheldon Reynolds from Earth, Wind, and Fire, and being spotted on TV with music superstars Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and Stevie Wonder.

The rise of Shyla Day has been a steady period of impacting growth rather than the quick flash in the pan that many of her contemporaries have fallen victim to. Her debut single was a masterclass in pop precision.

Now she’s back with a brand new single, entitled “Selfish”, to prove my aforementioned statement. Shyla is here to stay. Her talent and drive are assets that cannot be tainted, because she is too confident and self-assured.

Her new record is brimming with globe conquering potential. The pulsing beat and rhythmic basslines pave the way for a relentless groove, inspiring an almost uncontrollable urge to just dance. On top of which Shyla Day builds her sentimental narrative. She sounds empowered as she affirms: “I’m not asking for much, baby love me day and night.” Her voice oozing a blend of effortless cool and passion.

Unwaveringly, the track’s sound and production, cultivated by Night Viber, has plenty of momentum to pull you in for the whole ride. It takes any listener instantly on a rollercoaster ride fueled by adrenaline, as Shyla weaves us through her passion for love on her terms: “Do you want some? You should know that, though you are handsome, I am selfish.” Then, the chorus hits, the volume heightens, and the drums emphatically enter the beat, preparing us for a great feeling of release.

This song is just as sonically free-flowing and energized as the lyrics are, while Shyla Day is nothing short of a scorching bright light in the gloominess of our current reality.

Shyla has honed her sound and crafted a single that exceeds expectations and should see her truly take flight as an artist with her own unique vision of what pop music should – and can – sound like in 2021. The overriding vibe on “Selfish”, is one of an artist unafraid to tread her own path, strike out in a whole new direction and, well, just let her talents loose.

Shyla Day’s powerful and assured vocals demonstrate the confidence and energy that underpins “Selfish”. She sounds emboldened, empowered and in control from start to finish.

She has to be, with over a million hardcore followers in anticipation of her brand new single release. There is no doubt in my mind that with “Selfish”, Shyla Day is going to be a much more formidable force, than even they could have imagined.

Pre-save link for the single “Selfish”- https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/shyladay/P6F

In anticipation of the new single, checkout Shyla Day’s previous single “Kiss Me”.

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Simpatico X Jason Farol – “Somewhere” – Sound-tracking transcendence, and hitting languid grooves! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/simpatico-x-jason-farol-sound-tracking-transcendence-and-hitting-languid-grooves http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/simpatico-x-jason-farol-sound-tracking-transcendence-and-hitting-languid-grooves#respond Sun, 04 Apr 2021 12:43:22 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45274 There’s a tremendous meditative quality to “Somewhere”, the latest single release by producer Simpatico, featuring the silky, soulful vocals of Jason Farol.  This vibe gets interspersed by the swirling keys, the slippery harmonies, and the always hypnotically chill aura coming off the music. Whether it’s the soothing claps and fluttering hi-hats or the slow burning groove, the song always has something uniquely captivating to offer. One moment you’ll find yourself floating in the cosmic atmosphere of Simpatico’s synths, only to soon after be basking in the lovely melodic work and radiant tones of Jason Farol’s voice.

The subtly kinetic and profoundly affecting nature of the voice and music, provides four minutes for one to potentially explore emotions through the art. The brilliant auras of sound and feeling, swirl together to create moments of bliss and tranquility.

Simpatico has mined the middle ground between what he calls ‘Lofi Electro-Chill R&B’, and all the technical trickery of creating dreamy soundscapes that at once become transportative. The producer also shares the melody and lyric writing credits with Jason Farol.

Everything on “Somewhere” sounds amazing. The beat is crisp, yet delightfully aqueous, the synths and percussion are undulant and sweeping, the basslines are deep and suggestive, while the vocals floating above it all, take center-stage.

What we have as a result, is highly melodic, expertly arranged, texturally intriguing music that sounds distinctly of its creator. It sounds like Simpatico’s vision has truly snapped into focus with his newest release.

On “Somewhere”, Simpatico is firmly in his own orbit: twisting, stretching, layering, unraveling delicate musical threads for Jason Farol’s vocal frequencies to decipher, digest, and regurgitate into soul-stirring, heartfelt phrases.

Every moment on this track subverts your expectations, whether it is the melody, arrangement, chord progression, percussion, or even the vocal harmonies. The rich aural palette is easy to consume but almost impossible to forget.

There is not much to say about this song that can accurately portray how well Simpatico and Jason Farol pair together, as their combined talents offer beautiful and elegant flourishes of sound and melody that convey a sense of seduction and enchantment.

“Somewhere” shows us just how good these two are when sound-tracking transcendence, and hitting languid grooves. Their flights of fancy – both individually and collectively – are magnificently articulate and agile on this track.

Born Ruben Urena, Simpatico is a producer from South Central Los Angeles. He grew up in a climate of violence and poverty, from which music offered him solace. Initially drawn to the passion of rock music, the discovery of French house producer Darius, eventually inspired him to start producing. Starting out as a hobbyist, Simpatico decided to make a career out of his musical devotion in 2018.

Classified as “a deep thinker and a hopeless romantic,” Simpatico draws inspiration from his hometown, the clash between city and nature, and the way people interact with their constantly changing world. Jason Farol is an American singer from Torrance, California, who placed third in the American television series Duets, alongside mentor Kelly Clarkson. Farol pursues a recording career in both the Philippines and the USA.

Connect on Instagram with Simpatico and Jason Farol

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Jerusalemm – “America” – a rich body of musical and performing work, all around! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/jerusalemm-america-a-rich-body-of-musical-and-performing-work-all-around http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/jerusalemm-america-a-rich-body-of-musical-and-performing-work-all-around#respond Sun, 04 Apr 2021 01:16:19 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45269 “America” isn’t just another Hip-hop single, and Jerusalemm isn’t just another rapper. He is different. The song is perfect. There’s no other adjective that can properly convey its greatness. “America” is an immaculate amalgamation of classic rap, modern urban groove, and socio-political consciousness. Jerusalemm tackles social issues through music and does so exceptionally well. In fact, this track is miles ahead of the competition in its quality and its message. It should have wide appeal, thanks to the excellent beat and production that injects energy into the highly consequential lyrics.

Coming from the poverty-stricken streets of Dillon, SC, Jerusalemm has travelled the world, and worked with A-league producers like Leshan David Lewis, better known as L.E.S.

He is currently getting ready to release his upcoming album “Hidden Treasures”, which will highlight his consciousness and activism geared towards the betterment of his people. In the meantime he whets our appetites with “America”, which promises to be the first gem taken off the album.

Have a look around the game today, and you’ll only find a handful artists who seriously make records that tout black power, equality, justice, and unity. You can now count Jerusalemm on that exclusive list. The genuine beauty of “America” is that for all its substantive weight it owes just as much, to pure style. Few records mean as much, while still sounding so good.

On “America”, we delight in the skill and versatility of an arch vocalist, and rapper. A man with a substantial lyrical range and power in his message. I think most fans and critics would agree that this track is, indeed, soul-stirring ear-candy.

Spend enough time with it, and the track proves to be intensely vibrant, celebrating a potential for triumph, while recognizing how completely wrong things are, and condemning the system.

While “America” is a lyrical landmark above all, there’s no missing that it’s a rich body of musical and performing work, all around. The song not only stands as a fearless and uncompromising manifestation of Jerusalemm’s desire to push the culture of rap forwards – but it’s also a crusade against what’s wrong with the disparate American system.

Designed in an artful way, “America” is simultaneously catchy and infectious enough to capture the attention and love of the mainstream rap audience, while still playing to the heads.

Clearly, Jerusalemm is set to carve out a new frontier for himself as an emcee and an artist. He has managed to combine substance and style into one tightly crafted package, with “America”. His is an artist with something to say, and the talent to say it.

Jerusalemm takes protest music standards to another level. The lyrical content resonates as the artist throws direct punches and intellectual observations into the cauldron to make “America” a mandatory listening experience.

Pure listenability combined with total awareness, is the difference between the majesty of this three and a half-minute enlightening anthem, and the songs currently riding the airwaves. “America” is a track that exemplifies everything that makes Jerusalemm a superb and consciousness craftsman.


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Kevin Riady – “Not A Love Song” – All of the core elements that make up the singer-songwriter’s skillset are present http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/kevin-riady-not-a-love-song-all-of-the-core-elements-that-make-up-the-singer-songwriters-skillset-are-present http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/kevin-riady-not-a-love-song-all-of-the-core-elements-that-make-up-the-singer-songwriters-skillset-are-present#respond Sat, 03 Apr 2021 21:57:10 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45266 Kevin Riady’s latest single, “Not A Love Song”, is exquisitely entrancing to listen to. The singer-songwriter has emerged with a song that is so raw and authentically fragile, so beautiful and painfully melancholic that it’s impossible to listen to it without being genuinely moved.  The whole tune is both hauntingly intimate and intensely epic, as it moves from a plucked acoustic guitar and cracked, wavering vocals to gently swelling emotional magnificence, with Kevin crooning stunningly heart-wrenching lyrics above it all.

“How do you mend this broken wing? When you say a man can’t grow out a limb. How do you mend this broken soul? When the world just keeps throwing out a drôle. Oh love’s not easy. Life’s not easy. For me,” sings Kevin Riady in the chorus, with all the complexities of his existence wrapped poignantly in those lines. All of the core elements that make up the singer-songwriter’s skillset are present. Kevin’s lyrics have always had a cinematic quality, but “Not A Love Song” takes that to a whole new level.

Kevin Riady

In his trademark soulful croon, made of subtle beauty laced with sorrow, Kevin Riady sings of a fear of not finding the perfect equilibrium in his life: “I’ve been wandering the plains and the oceans. Hoping once I settled I’d find the answer. I’ve been trying all the dresses out for sale. But guess I’m not supposed to get one yet.” “Not A Love Song” thrives in these intimate moments, stripped down to Kevin serenading with an acoustic guitar in hand, and little else in the background to distract the moment and mood.

“Not A Love Song” is tightly crafted. Kevin Riady is equally capable of softening your heart with a groundswell of cultivated acoustic guitar, or with his mellow voice punctuating the atmosphere.  Though this record feels raw, and intimate, it is much bolder in its sentiments and statements, than appears on first listen. This song once again proves that there’s nothing quite like an existential crisis to stoke the embers of a great new track of music.

Lyrically “Not A Love Song” is a stab to the heart. Melodically it’s gorgeous, both on guitar and vocally.  It is a rich song thematically, and is meant to be savored and taken in with repeated listens. Moreover, it is best unearthed on the intimacy of headphones, where its soulful style, harmonic flourishes and warm acoustic guitar sets it way above the work of Kevin Riady’s genre contemporaries. The underlying emotional weight, the heartfelt lyrics, and incredibly moving vocal performance, all add to that claim.

For those still naïve about Kevin Riady’s roots – he was worn in Jakarta, Indonesia. He completed a degree in Human Factors Engineering and worked as a consultant before he finally decided to pursue his artistic aspirations. For many years, he considered himself a natural singer, however due to an unsupportive environment, he decided to hide his voice and instead picked up the flute in 2011.

By 2013, Kevin was the flute principal of ITB Student Orchestra, then in 2015 he suffered from a chronic TMJ disorder and cervical spasm, which prevented him from pursuing a professional career as a flautist. Kevin stopped playing music for a while, until he joined an acapella group and competed in the UK Voice Fest 2017.

A year later he began writing songs and learning how to play the piano, the guitar and produce music. He then relocated to Melbourne, Australia, and has been rewriting his musical career ever since. “Not A Love Song” is the next chapter in his story.

Connect with Kevin Riady:
Facebook @kevinriadymusic
Instagram @kevinriady_
Twitter @kevinriady_
Twitch @kevinriady

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StereoBird – “Insight” ticks all the boxes for engrossingly epic shape-shifting of a classic http://jamsphere.com/reviews/stereobird-insight-ticks-all-the-boxes-for-engrossingly-epic-shape-shifting-of-a-classic http://jamsphere.com/reviews/stereobird-insight-ticks-all-the-boxes-for-engrossingly-epic-shape-shifting-of-a-classic#respond Fri, 02 Apr 2021 22:46:08 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45247 For most bands it is difficult to stand out in the world of post-rock or post-punk, not least because of how easy it is to fall into the repeated clichés that usually are so synonymous with the genre. Brooklyn-based collective StereoBird has been around long enough to have transcended these limitations through radical experimentation and creativity with textures and tone as well as pushing the boundaries of their songwriting and structure, a lot of which we head on their previous release, “Illuminated”. Now on their brand new single, the band cover the track “Insight”, originally released by Joy Division on their 1979 album “Unknown Pleasures”.

The original song was true to singer-songwriter Ian Curtis’ dour perspective on life, which always reflected desolation and alienation. On “Insight”, he seemed to have taken another step back from life, realizing that everything he put his heart and soul into, may very well have been of no significance.  This made him nostalgic of the innocent and uneducated joys of youth, for as a growing man he seemed to see death staring at him from every corner, until he no longer feared it. Eventually taking his own life.

StereoBird’s version of “Insight”, is obviously void of voice and lyrics, so they rely on the instrumentation to convey the devastating and complex emotions of Ian Curtis’ insights into the meaning of life…and ultimately death.

The band craft a distinctive atmosphere and powerful character that balance the layered textural work of the keys, with the crunch of ringing guitars. The band dial in the overdrive, focusing on the bombastic dissonance which gives the climaxes an impact that strikes deeply.

StereoBird eschews the classic soft-loud aesthetic of post-rock, and move into the loud-louder plateau, ticking all the boxes for engrossingly epic shape-shifting.  The result is a song that doesn’t simply tease or tempt listeners towards its sound, but rather herds and forcefully drives them into an emotional corner.

It’s a crushing soundscape that tears away at the listener’s insides as much as it does at the surrounding ambience. This version of “Insight” exists as a cathartic experience.

At its best, music aims to evoke a specific feeling in its listener while honestly expressing the views and emotions of the artist who created it. StereoBird take that concept one step further, interpreting the artist who created “Insight”, and it is crafted expertly, wringing out every last conceivable drop of emotion from its various peaks and troughs. It is the most intense and sonically harrowing they’ve ever sounded.

Post-rock is one of the most versatile genres of the modern times. It can be dark and heavy or extremely ethereal and ambient. This not only allows bands to cover a large sonic landscape, but also weave a plethora of emotions into their music. Yet, most bands only seem to get one part of the equation right.

StereoBird are emerging as one of the few acts capable of standing out from the rest of the post-rock crowd, as they unfold every aspect of their music in perfect harmony.


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Optimistic Gangsta – “So Simple Freestyle” aims high and doesn’t fall short http://jamsphere.com/news/optimistic-gangsta-so-simple-freestyle-aims-high-and-doesnt-fall-short http://jamsphere.com/news/optimistic-gangsta-so-simple-freestyle-aims-high-and-doesnt-fall-short#respond Sat, 27 Mar 2021 23:36:26 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45168 Orend Johnson Jr.  better known as Optimistic Gangsta, was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He has developed himself into a locally known hip-hop artist with poetic and noteworthy music. Currently the artist is promoting his latest single, “So Simple Freestyle”. The song quickly shows the rapper is one of the best at his blend of lyrical delivery, and melodic word-pacing, over a smooth understated production.

“So Simple Freestyle” aims high and doesn’t fall short at gaining everyone’s attention, maintaining it, and raising the bar for simple contemporary song construction. The track is free of any over bloated bells and whistles, and runs on a straightforward banging beat. On top, Optimistic Gangsta rides the groove switching between a conversational tone and a melodic sing-song hook.

Optimistic Gangsta maintains an even paced flow, allowing his deep, rich voice to resonate clearly, as he lays down the narrative. The rapper’s lyrics are authenticated and fans can honestly hear him speaking directly to those who lived or may be living the same experience of being played. A positive takeaway regarding this recording is the vibe. Regardless of the lyrical theme, “So Simple Freestyle” is delivered with a kinetic groove and an ear-warming flow.


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Chrystal Copland – “EP” consistently builds moods and atmospheres http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/chrystal-copland-ep-consistently-builds-moods-and-atmospheres http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/chrystal-copland-ep-consistently-builds-moods-and-atmospheres#respond Sat, 27 Mar 2021 02:32:08 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45158 New York based model, actor and singer Chrystal Copland releases her latest 6 track project simply entitled “EP”. The shapeshifting production, ethereal and awe-inspiring atmospheres, and twisting melodies work together in yielding a flagrant and modern backdrop for the polymorphous flow of energy and experiences Chrystal brings to the table. The resulting sounds are focused somewhere between ecstasy and anxiety, as well as dark and light.  Undoubtedly, these shades, and states of emotion, are a driving force in the singer’s provocative lyrics, hypnotic sound, and mesmerizingly beautiful vocal nuances.

Chrystal Copland has the mystique of an enigmatic avant-pop chanteuse and should afforded all the critical fascination normally afforded to artists of that caliber. Her cadence is so fluid, airy and hypnotic that she is able to harmonize with beats and production that would be well outside the comfort range of most of her contemporaries. She has managed to create addictive melodies against the sometimes affective and minimal sounds.

Chrystal Copland

Chrystal’s focus on the personal and the expressive, which at once becomes the universal, reflects deeply on the human experience in alternating emotional and psychological states.  It makes for a gripping listening session, right from the opening track, “Run (No One Will Save You)”. It’s a spine tingling moment. Chrystal Copland voice is an instrument of alluring power. Nestling beside the solitary electric guitar, its moody, melancholic beauty will raise hairs on your neck.

The wistful “Fade into You”, again features the resonant strum of the guitar, while Chrystal delivers her languorous balladry and quiet groove, in a song that maintains a steady momentum from start to end. This is something she does even better on “9 Crimes”. The slowly-picked six-string jangle, forms the perfect palette for the singer to forge her shades of bone-deep soul-searching on.

“I’m Not Broken” is a harrowing and emotional account, by an artist unafraid to push herself outside of her comfort zone. Chrystal seems more obsessed with dragging her authentic sentiments out of the song, rather than simply achieving a pretty sound.

The result gives us a raw and visceral moment to savor. “Way Out”, is possibly my favorite song on the EP. A total musical flex, it rocks with a bluesy grit and a slapping drum that is hard to ignore. The guitars crunch and squeal, juxtaposed against Chrystal Copland’s dark and chilling voice.

The equally exceptional closing track “I Saw U” is another standout, in which Chrystal Copland moves effortlessly over a slinky bassline and fiery guitar driven beat. Throughout this EP, Chrystal revels in the intensity of her emotive states that can be passionate and angry, as well as fragile and despairing.

She beautifully balances loud, clamorous, with elegant and theatrical – sometimes all in one verse. Her voice weaves its way through the mostly sparse guitar driven instrumentals, accumulating superb nuances that exercise the full capacity of her vocal expression.

Chrystal Copland’s ability to consistently build mood and atmosphere, throughout the six tracks on “EP”, is masterful, and makes for a very compelling listen. It is a most powerful and sincere piece of work, which epitomizes Chrystal as the gifted artist she is.


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Mav0 – “Taking You There” maneuvers across varying sonic terrains! http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/mav0-taking-you-there-maneuvers-across-varying-sonic-terrains http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/mav0-taking-you-there-maneuvers-across-varying-sonic-terrains#respond Fri, 26 Mar 2021 15:19:52 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45145 Born in Germany, but residing in the United States as a citizen, Mav0 is a music producer with a focus on creating hard-hitting EDM beats with a unique punch. His sound blurs the lines between the dubstep, future bass, and deep house stylistic definitions, often defies genre by working outside of those sonic borders as well. Mav0, who has been making music for a while now, honed his craft, producing on software such as Studio One Professional and Serum. He soon developed his own sound, making custom patches and coming out with a great tone for each song. Mav0 is the sort of artist you need a roadmap to navigate.

A purveyor of experimentation in music, Mav0 maneuvers across varying sonic terrains, always surprising, and staying one step ahead of his audience. The producer’s catalog of songs is labyrinthine wanderings beyond convention and exclusive to those with an open mind. Paradoxically, Mav0 manages to be deep and profoundly emotive as his beats batter relentlessly. His new song “Taking You There” reaps his sensorial qualities by attaching a rare and ethereal melodic depth to his already expansive sound.

The latest single “Taking You There” signals another left turn in his creativity. Keywords used in launching the track include: Future bass, Dubstep, EDM, and otherworldly. All of which give you a clue as to how Mav0 melds his sounds and styles. The first three keywords mentioned above, may match seamlessly for many EDM producers, but it’s the ingredient of “otherworldly” that makes it a Mav0 exclusive.

It’s that special mysterious flavor which Mav0 introduces into his compositions that make his songs unpredictable and capricious. Once the song starts you can never tell where the producer will eventually go with it. “Taking You There” is no exception to the rule. It starts off with quiet and warm intro before Mav0 introduces a variety of melodic synth motifs that are interspersed with some growling keys and deep basslines.

Moving forward, the drums become more dynamic and voluminous, and everything feels distinctly open to possibility, powered by a sonic lifeblood pulsating through the veins of each instrument. The intricate programming is rich and tangible behind the music’s constantly revolving backdrop, as Mav0 brings in various layers of synths, each with its own particular sound – some aggressive, others mellifluous – while underneath the beat kicks, slaps and bangs kinetically.

The beat and the synths on “Taking You There”, are fractured. Everything has a stutter beauty to it, as they slide in and out of the mix. Once you listen to the track back-to-back you get a better idea of who Mav0 is and how he may see the world. He takes us to a wonderful place full of natural beauty and hope, but it is also a dark and mysterious dwelling, captured in exquisite detail.

From the opening bars, Mav0 keeps you guessing, as it feels like any second he may abandon the conventions of the rhythm, melody and song structure, moving the song down another avenue, but he never does. His constant shape-shifting, is to make sure that you are paying attention to his concept and style of music creation, every step of the way!


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Stella West – “Teddy (No Lover of Mine)” – an innovative and idiosyncratic recording artist http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/stella-west-teddy-no-lover-of-mine-an-innovative-and-idiosyncratic-recording-artist http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/stella-west-teddy-no-lover-of-mine-an-innovative-and-idiosyncratic-recording-artist#respond Thu, 25 Mar 2021 17:21:32 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45135 28 year old singer songwriter from London, UK, Stella West steps up to the plate with her spaghetti western themed concept and the release of two singles – “Ode to the Devil (Mother Mary)” and “Teddy (No Lover of Mine)” – both taken from what already sounds like a divine collection of awe-inspiring songs, on her upcoming album, “Little Black Book With My Poems In”, coming out on the 3rd of June. All of which is beautifully written, and delivered by one of the most innovative and idiosyncratic new recording artists you will probably listen to this year.

Stella’s musical influences are vast. Her parents being separated, Stella captured the sounds of The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses and Pink Floyd from her mother, and then Otis Redding, Sophia George and Toots and The Maytals, when visiting her father.

Stella West, who was taken out of mainstream education at 14, due to bullying and peer pressure, suffered mental issues for a long time before returning to education in her early twenties. Hence it comes as no surprise that she is able to take listeners on a transcendent journey through subsistence – exploring feelings of sadness, disappointment and loss, as well as addressing the complexities of love, desire and interpersonal relationships, in this unpredictable and often illusionary world.

As a gifted writer, with a natural talent for composing lyrics and poetry, so relatable, they could almost be mistaken for a page written in your personal and private diary, Stella West manages to tap into her emotions and mindset; creating a stirring narrative in “Teddy (No Lover of Mine)” – her inherent penmanship and emotional understanding of the human heart and all of the complexities of the mind is evident for all to hear.

“Where there was once a loving whisper. Now there is rage. Where there was once a tender touch. Is now only hate and shame,” sings Stella West. “Teddy, how can your eyes change? Once a big, grey sky and now black flames. I thought I knew you so well. You can’t be tamed.”

Emotionally powerful and full of impassioned vocals, there’s no doubting the quality and consistency of this record, nor the conviction with which it’s performed. Stella’s unique voice will carry her far and it’s certainly easy to tell when listening to this record.

Stella West’s vocals twist around a deep, dark and ethereal tone which hook, captivate, and hold the listener locked into her Kill Bill-esque world. She sustains a real sense of understated drama throughout “Teddy (No Lover of Mine)”, without ever needing to raise her, almost conversational tone, into a scream. You cannot teach what Stella West has in her voice, it is a unique talent that she was born with.

Stella’s vocal tones, set against the hypnotic beat, and slow jangling guitars, give the song an emotional power which transmits easily when listening. All of which ultimately gives Stella West a real sense of absolute diversity. But not the diversity that made her suffer as a kid, instead this time, it will positively set her far apart, and well above her contemporaries and peers.


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DJ X TECH Breaks The Silence With His New Album “Implant” http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/dj-x-tech-breaks-the-silence-with-his-new-album-implant http://jamsphere.com/newreleases/dj-x-tech-breaks-the-silence-with-his-new-album-implant#respond Wed, 24 Mar 2021 18:54:24 +0000 http://jamsphere.com/?p=45120 Twenty years into his game and DJ X TECH is still a name but no longer a hint to his craft. The creative who debuted with “The Outer Limits” album – to which he lost the rights for a number of years due to a record deal – and followed up with his sophomore release “The World Through My Eyes”, has now elevated his artistry to the producer status. DJ X TECH decided to keep his moniker intact, so as not to disorientate his original core fan-base. His latest project “Implant” goes in the new sonic direction the producer is heading towards – or rather, a banging blend of urban and techno flavors for pure dancefloor swagger. The album also finds DJ X TECH embracing dubstep stylings in his repertoire for the first time.

Fans of electronic and dance will find plenty of the throb, grind and intensity they’d expect, while DJ X TECH also colors outside the traditional stylistic lines, which makes him accessible to a wider audience.

The album launches with dynamic percussion and synth motif on “Hot House Party” that is quickly woven into a proactive tapestry, with a thick bass, more keyboard layers and echoed vocal tones being added. This creates a sense of plans unfolding, which then gives way to a skittering hi-hat that explodes into a hard-hitting kick-drum and arpeggiating keys, on “Going Under”.

The mix of a dark lower-end, and intermittent orchestral flares, on the previous track, portend an approaching threat. DJ X TECH takes that tension and seamlessly transitions into a thumping electronic buildup on “Rubberband”. Swirling mechanical squeals and growls meet belches of bass drift which underpins the monstrous momentum of the piece.

“Split Personality” adds another anxious slab of head-twisting bass pressure, while the bright pouncing synths add a vibrant finishing sheen to the track. Everything plays out as intended on the slower, piano-driven, slap-and-bang beat of “222”.

“Chew Toy” is another intriguing instrumental, offering crystalline mazes of sonic distraction built on a four to the floor beat. The tangled melodic synth motif is an infectious affirmation that makes “Trinty” one of the earworm tracks of the album.

When the clash of synth whine, bass scrape and the booming beat eventually take over on “Roots”, it just feels like an inevitable explosion of dancefloor euphoria. DJ X TECH takes a solid synth-wave tune with a melodic piano lead, and gives it a wicked, electronic serrated edge on “Albacore”.

The complex lockstep beat and broiling bass update the sound on “Ghost Under The Bed” which proceeds with both menace and mystery. “Dubbish Stylings” once again shows DJ X TECH’s prowess at programming interesting and impacting drum patterns.

Moving forward we find the straight thumping techno rhythm of “Parliament” which is another track that will keep you pinned to the dancefloor, all night long.

“Rays Of Light” turns up the intensity dial as DJ X TECH implements a momentum pushing mix of both warm and shimmering instruments, while keep the beat laser sharp. The title track, “Implant” makes sure the thrust of the album is maintained, as the beat and the bass run parallel lines of propulsive energy under a dynamic synth.

The album closes with the bonus track, “The Nightmares Symphony 2003 Unreleased”, which delivers over 7 minutes of unadulterated rhythmic pleasure, with a symphonic twist. All throughout this album, DJ X TECH’s basslines, drum programming and kaleidoscopic synth textures, prove that he’s still got it 20 years later.


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