• Red on Red: “Providencia” – unbridled rock music with high intelligence!
  • NazB: “Ringtone” Ft. Macini is the wake-up call for those lagging behind!
  • Sonificade: “Despite All The Noise” – tough, ragged rocking songs with a flair for melody and substance!
  • David Dixon – a varied set of carefully crafted, dynamic, and highly original arrangements!
  • Hiphop Webseries “The Rapper” – It’s more than music!
  • Last Time Only: “Where I Begin” – an impressive range of acoustic pop and punk
  • Vincent Sala: “The sun is in your mind” – a mix of effervescent optimism and soulful abandon!
  • TJ Leonard: “High On Livin’” will get the paint flying onto the canvas…all the way from Stockholm to Nashville!
  • Nathan Leaman: “Your Eyes” – there is something very real going on here…
  • Jeff Woodall: “I Won’t Leave You Behind” – unwind, relax and ponder the past!

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