• Introducing Genius Hip Hop: Today’s Most Modern and Socially-Conscious Music Site
  • Knowledgeborn07: “Cosmic Knowledge” – a solid piece of eclectic art which commands your attention!
  • SkyLaw: “Indigo” really bends and stretches into new boundaries!
  • Jeff Shadows: “Calm Sunrise” – the music is heartfelt and very lyrical
  • Hookdiggy: “Make It Work” – tackles another taboo subject for streetwise rappers!
  • E MULA: “Empire” has a pinpointed message within a global theme
  • Donica Knight: “Love Ain’t a Prize” – a certified barnyard stomper!
  • Red Martian: “Ghost Into The Fog” – a breathtaking voyage into a majestic, vintage, non-corporate alternative rock world
  • ILL Ruckus: “Inspiration” combines style and streetwise lyrics with a hot production to keep you moving!
  • The Electrical Fire: “Music by The Electrical Fire, Volume One” – electronic sounds and rocking rhythms with saxophone interludes!

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