• Owl Company: “Horizon” – pounding rhythms and roaring vocals
  • Franki Love: “OTIAS” – the tones and moods swirl and shift ominously on the record
  • Delta Station: “An Unexpected Turn of Events” – incredibly uplifting
  • Firstdub – a music platform Buy and Sell Music Online
  • The Valium: “Amazing Breakdowns” grab your attention and holds it there!
  • Newborn: “Honey Trap” – an Indie-Pop flavor marked by distinct vocals
  • Dr Days Junction: “EP” – a consistent purveyor of solid, groove-ready soul-funk
  • Gloom Influx: “First LP” – a synthwave album that harnesses and refines the usual tropes of the genre
  • Jigsaw Man: ‘No Home’ – there’s no denying the passion in creation!
  • DJ DezZ: “SometimeZ” – Playful and sophisticated

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