• MIIKØ: “Waves” – delivering meaning beyond the confines created by simple language and sound
  • “Different Kind of Free” -The Debut EP by Grayson Word
  • Ann Paul: “STAY” – Nuanced, intensely hued, and from the heart
  • The Silver Bayonets: “BRAVEFACE” isn’t just something to listen to; it’s something to experience
  • Weston Simonis: “Party Life!” – a musical hay-maker to the head!
  • Music Legend Plunky Releases – “Only You” 4-Song Smooth Groove/Afro-Mellow EP
  • Ravenscroft: “Rebel” – shaping the genre into something truly reinvigorating!
  • Steadfast in her developing stages Meelow already has a good thing going!
  • Billy Swayze is in full overdrive with a groove that is simply euphoric!
  • Voluptas Mors: “Immortality” – deft sonic manipulation

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