• Live instrumentation makes a comeback with superb young band – Katch-Up
  • The Music City Hayride Show Is Coming To The Texas Troubadour Theatre
  • S.P.O.T. – “The Extended Player” is smooth and epic, with integrity!
  • Elijah Yates: “OutLawStar” – a combination of soulful production and tight lyrics!
  • Eli Purks: “Good As I’ll Ever Be” – an unmistakable groove!
  • Dj Scarface & 050 Boyz ft Big Prodeje: “All GuuD” – It pumps and It grooves!
  • Rhett May: ‘Cocktails and Cannabis’ does everything many classic rock records overdid or underdid
  • Matt Coleman: “Crazy About You” – a hot and exciting track to listen to!
  • LORD TOPH: “Articles in the Cellar” – roots music with a vision!
  • “Still Fighting” is an absolute high quality release from Brooke Adams!

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