• Haiqeem: “Don’t Give A Damn” – An unprecedented artistic metamorphosis!
  • Imani Chyle: “Season of I” – Built around sterling melodies and hard-hitting rhythms!
  • Borg Queen: Lapdance Romance is packed with passion and power!
  • ENGI: The “There Is No Mercy” Ep bleeds dance-floor emotion!
  • Ross Cagenello: Two words to describe “Life So Far”, would almost certainly be ‘chill’ and ‘emotional’
  • Renata Leuffen: “You Are My Fairy Tale Prince” – outside the realms of conventional music composition
  • Rubix Wheel: “Sky’s the Limit” is a fine album, focused and complete.
  • O. Smith: “The Resume EP” – well produced, well written, and addictive!
  • Clint Nolan: “Likeness” – a four-minute musical treasure!
  • Exclusive Interview with ANFOL – ‘A New Form Of  Life’

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