• Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: “Political Freak Show” – their chemistry and talent reaches an apex!
  • TalentDisplay talks about his new EP – “Different Place”
  • Daryl Yahudy: “Nothing Compares” is a reflection of a new beginning…
  • Nicki Kris: “Falling To Pieces” – proceeds to be donated to the OneOrlando Fund
  • Sooper Vega: “Losing You” sounds like he still has something to prove!
  • Larsen University: “The Kings of California” rides an alt-folk soundwave
  • Pine Grove Boys: “Rock Wit Me” – track is meant to entertain!
  • Andreas Pareli: “By The Spell” re-defines the possibilities of what pop music can be
  • AES: “We Rise”- a nod to French history and an existential quest about the future of humanity
  • Zufo: “We’re Time Machines” – a rare breed of artist

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