• Cris Marshall strives to make something new and interesting
  • Midnight Watchman: “Liquid Universe” – multifaceted sonic landscapes
  • Joey Britton: “Edmonton Sessions” – filled with warmth, comfort and poignancy
  • Daryl Yahudy: “Soulful Life Within” – as mesmerizing and masterful as his skill set will allow
  • John J: “Pain To Power 5 Love Letters” – infectious hooks and amazing flows
  • Chaz Hearne: “Rise of the Voluminous” points its creativity in quite a few different directions
  • The Gibb Collective: “Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights” – a musical tribute
  • Rap Artist and Musical Entrepreneur Earl Adamant Allen is Determined to make an Impact!
  • John-Marc Lucid:  “Judas” ft. Fyah Sthar – another great enrichment for all lovers of dancehall
  • Innocent Bystanders: “Attractive Nuisance” – a record everyone should own!

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