• SONGCAT – Song Demo Production Company makes noise in the music world
  • Al-Fatir: “Love Don’t Live Here” – keeps a consistent tone and attitude throughout
  • JAAH DREADstyle:  “Sweeter than Honeydew” (Kombakt Beatz Productions) – a feel-good tune!
  • HAZY DREAMS: “The Pine Song” – Close your eyes, your mind, and melt away…
  • The House The Old brings raw energy, passion, and excitement to their compositions!
  • Mahyar Kavoosi: “KHABARI AZ TO NASHO” – a richly produced Persian pop-rock ballad
  • The Phil Mitchell Band Releases New Record, ‘Crossroads’ – Available Now!
  • In “Say My Name” IESKAY has no fear of using expletives and expressing his feelings
  • Daniel T. Ritter: “Wulfheart” – somewhere between a classical recital and a movie soundtrack
  • Mountain Mirrors: “Asylum Acres” – Neo-Folk and more, perfectly appealing in every way!

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