• Dr. Linda Amerson:  “Cruise With A Purpose” – A Song, a Mission, a Passion!
  • UK Cigar Box Guitar Events: “Elstead Barrelhouse Beer & CBG Festival” 23rd August 2014
  • Classic Releases: Nina Kotova – “JS Bach: The Cello Suites”
  • Deedub: “Liberation” – Reggae-infused Grooves, Spiked with Hip-hop Rhymes!
  • Natalie Jean Tells a Story, Captures an Emotion and Shares it like a Secret with her Audience
  • Charlie Leavy: “The Best Damn Ride” Cuts Out all the Loud Noises in Life and Takes You to the Heart of the Music!
  • “Energy Escape”- a 2014 Electronic Dance Music Collection by tpkdrummer
  • NazB: ‘Hammer (Higher)’ Celebrates the Spirit of Life and Inspires People to go “Higher”
  • TROY RAMEY – A Voice That Shatters the Modern Sound of Rock and Alternative Male Bravados
  • Barrett Staples: “Prequel to Something – EP” Is Intensely Inspirational and From The Heart

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