• Sarantos: “Believe” -An intense soft rock song
  • House Of Pryme: “I’m Your Doll” -A slamtastic track!
  • Dru Vocals: Hacker Dojo Hacktivist Bounce (a.k.a. Free Miller)
  • Timothy Dark: “Comfortably Numb” Featuring Lisa Gray
  • Spooky Hotel W San Francisco Halloween 2014 with DJ Nathan Scott
  • Terranomaly – Rock Fugue For Those Ready To “Wake Up”
  • Christian Holiday: ‘The Magic of Christmas’
  • D’Angelo Mack feat. The High Tones EP Embodies all the Good Stuff in Modern-Day Hip Hop
  • Twenty Questions with Tanille – Author and Singer also known as the “Celebrity Beauty”
  • “Hater”: The SoapGirls -Better, stronger, smarter and classier, than ever before!

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