• Lance Davies – “Space” – raw talent, honest vulnerability, and easy relatability!
  • Australian Hip-hop artist BISON, brings us Moly Music!
  • Mallika Mehta – Unearthing every nuanced vocal detail, and surrounding herself with an impeccable production crew
  • “Penny Lane” – Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers Deliver Classical Renditions of Beatles Songs
  • Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine February 2021
  • Revolution Music – “No Heroes” takes things to the next level!
  • Samie Bisaso releases New Single ”For Better Or For Worse”
  • Miss Mahogany – ‘On Point’ (Mike B Mix) – Now on all major streaming platforms!
  • Brady Arnold – “Existence” – A hallmark of stellar musicianship, arranging and production
  • KAHNLI – “MADDDMAN” (feat. Luke XI) – beauty and madness are smoothly integrated!

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