• Cornelia De’Flore’ to donate a portion of the funds from “CONCRETE ANGEL”
  • Gabby Barrett is flat out awesome!
  • Omar Alhindi: “Back To Me” will make a lasting impression!
  • DAV!D&CLARA: “H/U/M/A/N/” -the moods, tones and timbres construct a pathway to the listener’s ear
  • Jiggley Jones: “A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light” will completely entrance you!
  • R2Rick: “Stay Tonight” could perfectly fit into the mainstream dance charts
  • Rachel “TripleR” Reese: “My Apology”
  • Sarantos:  “Let’s Call It Love” serves as a refuge to those who want music to caress
  • Jay Vinchi: “Reality” -Enthralling and worthy of your time!
  • Violane are a tier above the rest of the indie rock music industry!

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