• “The Introduction” is one of the latest tracks released by Quincy Haze
  • De Boss announces a new upcoming album entitled “GENESIS”
  • Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine September 2020
  • PULSE drop their new Cyber Future Metal Single “New Elastic Freak” along with the Sci-Fi Video
  • Chicago’s own Bari Tarantino’s Releases His Brand New Banger – “10K”
  • Kai Yoel – “Cuties On My Phone” – an immersive listening experience
  • Neave Zaria releases the highly anticipated piano ballad ‘Patience Of A Saint’
  • In ‘The Book of Vision’ Composer Hanan Townshend Blurs The Line Between Science and Spirituality
  • Ute – “Happiness Together” – a crystalline and emotive voice!
  • DJ GiG – “Ambition Vol.1” impacts the genre with his booming but never overwhelming productions

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