• “Haters” by The Ledgard Brothers featuring Tyler Jackson
  • JAMAZING Drops His Debut Mixtape – “Love and Music”
  • Twenty Questions with Orlando Rapper MC BYGONE
  • Bordeaux Lip: “COMPLIMENTS” Manages to Integrate Melodies and Catchy Hooks into a Rush of Rock Adrenaline
  • The Felt Fedoras: “Live At the Village” is Genuinely and Unmistakably Brilliant to the Core!
  • Ryan Spendlove: “In Another World” Will Worm Its Way Under Your Skin
  • MC BYGONE: “Goodie Bag” featuring R&B artist Dixi, hits the floor running!
  • Eric IQ Gray: “Rapatriation” Brings Rap Home!
  • Daniel Angelus: “Dream Pop” really holds together as a collective unit
  • Rainstick Cowbell: “Hand Over the Heart” is a perfect example of form with function

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