• “Work” by Don Connect Ft. Kid Guci, Goliath PAW, S. Don Perion
  • British rock band New Earthlings cover the Doctor Who theme in aid of the British Heart Foundation
  • The Importance of Being Sarantos Melogia…
  • New Electro-Pop Release From ‘Hooyoosay’ Offers Nothing But Sunshiny Fun
  • Premier Shred Metal Guitarist – Xander Demos: “Guitarcadia”
  • Zaena Morisho: “You Don’t Know” Is more subtle and hypnotic than most mainstream dance music
  • Sarantos: “A Country Song” Has captured all that is basic to this genre!
  • Bobby Bofman: “Dreamland” – Counter-culture ideals and deep-rooted philosophy, laid over a gorgeous musical bed
  • Dance Dance and Dance! As JON ALKALAY Feeds New Energy into a Classic Retro Music Blend!
  • ARJUN: “CORE” -An explosive ball of musical energy!

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