• Martone: “#TEOM (The Evolution of Martone) Deluxe Edition” stays deep and maintains the fun!
  • Sosa412: “All Night” produced by @RealTw1ne and featuring Jaylexx & JC Of The Finest
  • “Trickle on Down”:  New CD Release from Dada Veda
  • Eddy Mann: “Dig Love” offers up a zesty, seasoned stew of live and love
  • OutShout: “Suzanne” reaches new heights outside of rock’s usual comfort zone
  • ZiON: “Life” approaches controversy with both introspection and humor
  • Bad Machinery: “Rock N’ Roll Treatment” – hard rock with a punk tinge!
  • Preme Writez: “Hello, Hello” Produced by Nate Rhoads will pull you in!
  • Marquelle: “Not Like You” – a love ballad of unquestionable sincerity
  • Damond Young: “Love” – its strength comes from the impenetrable flow and the grandiose instrumental

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