• Han Sino: “Exquisite Gardenz” – a shape-shifting collage of expression
  • Producer Lavi Beats is Getting Ready to Drop New Music!
  • Michelle Miller Bell: “Just Want To Know You Better” ministers to your soul
  • NEW STUDIO SINGLE ALERT – “TOKOOOS” (Good Vibes) by Michael M Jeni is Now Available !!
  • Olaide Banks: “Story of My Life” – worship from the heart
  • Pep Kravitz: “Sluggernaut” makes a completely unique statement
  • JT Music: “Detroit: Become Human Rap” – a brilliant, poignant, and timely lyrical story
  • AMARU: “CHAMPAGNE ATTITUDE” – A Majestic Album!
  • OBD: “A Bright Day” ft. Gual Rassi – a rare ability to make powerful and relevant music
  • MIIKØ: “On My Own” – carefully crafted and sculpted to the slightest nuance

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