• Nadia: “I Left My Heart In California” – focusing on the music and words
  • Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine July 2017
  • Metal Band Crimson Guardian Release Album ‘Sands of Time’
  • Voice Season 10 Casting Finals Participant Releases Debut Music Video
  • The Gore Boyz release official video for “Kisses For the Road”
  • “The Care Concert: There’s No Place That’s Home” Raises Approximately $30,000 to End Homelessness in Southern California
  • Art Tawanghar: “Buddha Lounge” combines multi-cultural songs and a variety of instruments
  • Lexisugar: “The Journey” – virtuosity and versatility on either side of the board
  • Green Light Silhouette: “The Mind Suggests Less Knowing” sneaks up on you!
  • TheKunig: “Urban Album” skillfully blends hip-hop, electronic, and jazz music

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