• Enzo: ‘Light Me Up’ – warm, passion-filled aura
  • Exit To Eden: “Love At First Hate” – The extreme situation of hate-love, on their new Goth ‘n Roll single!
  • Javyn Knight: “Exodus” taken from his debut EP, “The Gospel Of Javyn”
  • Silvertung: “(BUT, AT WHAT COST??!)” – a library of ear-catching riffs!
  • Tri-state hip hop artist Raw Webb releases his “Bully Bitches” single!
  • Chinese Designer Pal Pang Mixes Art, Design and Music
  • Andrew Southworth releases his new Chillwave inspired single ‘Open your Eyes’
  • Digital Gringo: “Project Mayhem” runs the gamut between experimental and conscious rap!
  • Omar Bowing: “Women” distinguishes itself in both its creative expansiveness and musical tautness
  • Glocck Vee: “IDGF ABOUT YO HITTAS”- driven by reactionary outbursts of authenticity

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