• “All Night Long”: Aaron Janx -A diversely creative and finely tuned mind!
  • Devil’s Holler: “Croatoa” – A mesmerizing set of songs!
  • Exclusive Interview with Rap, Reggae and Dancehall Artist – Daddy T
  • Vlado Jozic: “ORGANIC” rocks, no matter how you slice it!
  • KING CORAL: ‘Man I Am’ – A flash of the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s era, mixed with a splash of modern-day instinct!
  • Cabaret Comico: International Partnership for Laughs at San Francisco’s Society Cabaret Oct 17-18, 2014
  • Chris Bartlett: “FOLLOW” Raspy and melodic, like hot bourbon poured over honey
  • ANDY RAWN: “SANTA, HIRE ME !” -Anticipating Xmas with a Song for all Ages!
  • Exclusive Interview: Urban Pop Artist – KEVIN ANTHONY
  • Joe Con:  “I Choose You” -Music, for a new society, for a new decade and a renewed vision!

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