• Earsiq: “Whiskey & Heartbreak” Combines a Variety of Alternative Elements!
  • Francis Groove: “LOVE’s Gonna Find U (LgFu)” ft. Tony.G – Rich Layers of Music And Voice
  • Kevin McGowan: “Hibernation Masturbation” – More Than Just a Perfect Metaphor!
  • Cuddi: “JUUGATHON” (ft Cada Prod. by Pdot) – fluid boundaries and shifting flow!
  • NoFuture: “MayFair”- full of emotion and heavyhearted soul-searching
  • In Silent Agony: “Villainous” pulls no punches!
  • Dan Tha Jeweler: “Just Another Night” – smooth, intelligent urban poetry
  • Shah: ‘Pay Day 71’ – Ready To Snatch The Crown!
  • Angela C. Howell: “Snap Me a Selfie, Santa” – a hearty dose of the festive feel-good factor!
  • V.n.S: ‘Taking Me Back’ – EDM aiming straight at the heart of FM radio!

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