• Jordan Carroll: “You Know That I Know” – an elaborate web of traditional musical roots
  • ChuckMAC: “Ride For My Dogs” – pure West Coast with its smooth and rhythmic tones!
  • Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer: “Gal SkinOut Like Fruit” – playful and positive!
  • Scoop Lo: “Dorian Gray Vol. 2: Travels and Muses” – a complete album, with no fillers!
  • Burak Tulbentci: “Free And Easy” – several of the songs are flat-out gorgeous!
  • Sasan Soury: “Mirage”- the one that gets the dance crowd pumped!
  • Golden Boy (Fospassin) releases “Blues Jazz Love,” including 2 complete new tracks!
  • Pat Er’son: “Don’t Cry feat. Destyn Hill” – a melodic, hook-filled and beat-heavy track!
  • Pepper Stevens: “Drawing on the Walls” – a myriad of raw edge guitar rock!
  • Alessio Miraglia wins BEST INSTRUMENTAL VIDEO 2015 on the MTV ROCK channel!

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