• Interview: ZION ANTONI – Freelance Journalist and Independent Recording Artist and Producer
  • Exit 22 Music: “Break These Chains” – a passionate sense of purpose!
  • Elle Sera: “Alright” is delivered with a deftness and directness!
  • SKOWT A Brand New Platform To Assist Unsigned Musicians!
  • Lyndon Rivers: “We Made It” – music for the body!
  • Kenny Fame: “Louise” delves into the complexities of cross-cultural romances
  • Bitter Lake: “Frozen Landscapes”  swirls with dark atmosphere and thickly layered riff construction
  • Natt Moore: “Drive: Vol. 1” is an example of Nat’s understanding of a collective work as an art form
  • Justin 3 is a Lithuanian Pop-Rock Band for all Seasons!
  • Angel: “Hero” is built on a solid foundation of acclaimed and talented performers and creators

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