• Ryan Helman: “Thats The Girl” – an absolute corker of an album quality-wise!
  • Muzik Genesis: “Retrospection” explores its own vision
  • Randolph Bush seems to have a rich spiritual heritage that he constantly draws on here
  • Chalcedony: “Chapter III” combines powerful lyrics and themes, to create a nearly cinematic mix
  • No limits or boundaries for Producer Damien the Demon!
  • Kenny Fame – “Goodbye” is an eloquent plea and a promise
  • Rome Alexander: “A Song For Mama” – clear, clean and eloquent music from a clean cut guy
  • “B.L.U.E.” Preview – The fire, spirit and energy of Kev.D shines through these songs
  • Interview with Singer and Author Jade Steel
  • Randolph Bush a Journey of Sweet Music!

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