• Dima Kash: “Can’t Breathe” – raw and more musical than ever!
  • Dark Rouge Park build rolling soundscapes that are profoundly thought-provoking!
  • Skiggz: “SkiggzSound: Season 1” – a tremendous compendium!
  • Young Global Kings: “Still Smokin” Produced by King Mac Track sizzles!
  • Whiskey Sharts: “#2” – comedic situations and lovable instrumentation!
  • Don Hughes: “It’s Christmas” – essential Christmas music!
  • Trigarow: “Don’t Know” undeniably sculpts him into a smooth performer
  • Hot Rod Hearse: “There by the Road” is deeply impressive in its textures
  • Neonomora: “Be Still, My Soul” – dark, haunting, and euphorically comforting
  • Shroombab feat. Kitsune: “We Killed Privacy Remix LP” – both a message and a beat!

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