• Mortinus: “Black & Green Mornings” uniquely fuses several styles of music
  • LoFi Chill: “Isolation” – a double whammy of audio and emotional components
  • “Dangerous Intentions Mouth Full of Lies” – Interview with South Florida Author Q. Alexander
  • Recklous: “Friends and Fam” succeeds in sparking some strong emotion
  • Groove State: “Light Up The Sky” – the musical force of a battering gale!
  • Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: ‘Lost In The Sound’ stems from a place that few artists can access
  • “Christmas Cards” by Rev. Peter Unger released in time for the festive season
  • Interview with Danish/American musician Zachary Ray
  • Nega Blast X: “The Experiment” is a loaded gun primed with elements of galactic acid rhythms
  • Juliett Novak Releases New Single and Video – “Work It Out”

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